Courage Is Already Inside

RAM Trucks is running “Courage Is Already Inside”, an inspirational commercial for RAM Trucks, designed to explore the intense and beautiful struggles related to facing fears and achieving personal triumphs. Women are shown preparing to surf a huge wave, climb a mountain, take the stage, perform in a ballet and so on. Film editor Nick Lofting talks about the thinking behind his work: “We all agreed that we didn’t want the audience to know exactly where the narrative was going, so the edit was deliberately ambiguous and slightly off-kilter. This added tension and a little roughness to the exquisitely beautiful footage.” Have you ever thought you just didn’t have anything left in the tank? Well — you do. ‎#GutsGloryRam‬

Courage is already inside

UNICEF Sound of Death

UNICEF Sweden is running “The Sound of Death”, an advertising campaign featuring the Grim Reaper, to raise funds for water purification programs. The Grim Reaper, played by actor Sean Buckley, dances over the hills channeling Julie Andrews, singing about his absolute favorite things above all, the water borne diseases that kill 1 000 children everyday. “My favourite things” includes Cholera, E. Coli and Leptospirosis, diseases that cause more deaths than all armed conflicts combined. Viewers are encouraged to visit the site unicef.se/vatten. A 100 sek donation is used by UNICEF to purchase enough water purification tablets to purify over 1000 litres of water, killing deadly micro-organisms and preventing cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases.

UNICEF Sound of Death Grim Reaper

Raise A Glass at Bloody Angle

Victoria Bitter, Legacy and RSL in Australia have teamed up again to commemorate the Gallipoli Centenary with Raise A Glass, online at raiseaglass.com.au. This year the campaign marks the ANZAC Day Raise A Glass with the story of Australia’s 16th Battalion and their harrowing charge at Bloody Angle. “Most men tremble when faced with death. The 16th Battalion AIF sang a song. It was just one of many heroic acts exhibited by those at Gallipoli 100 Years ago. Which is one reason why, at Victoria Bitter, we’re proud to be among Australia’s biggest contributors to veteran welfare, having donated nearly $7 million to RSL and Legacy since the appeal began in 2009.”

Raise a Glass - Bloody Angle

Barefoot Friendly Beaches

British wine brand Barefoot Wine has created a sand art installation on Morecambe Bay building awareness of a push to keep the UK’s beaches barefoot friendly. The sand art, photographed via drone camera technology, is connected with the eighth annual Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project which encourages people to take their part in cleaning local beaches.

Barefoot Friendly Beach

Hyundai Message to Space

Hyundai is running “A Message To Space”, a film in which a 13-year-old girl from Houston, Texas, sends a giant hand-written message to her father, an astronaut on the International Space Station. Using the Delamar Dry Lake, Nevada, US as a blank canvas, Hyundai Motor dispatched 11 Genesis cars to write an epic message covering an area more than one and a half times that of New York City’s Central Park. Terry Virts, commander of Expedition 43, was able to capture the message in film. Measuring 5.55 km2, the creation has been officially recognized as ‘the largest tire track image’ ever by Guinness World Records. The official campaign site, amessagetospace.com, hosts the video, the behind-the-scenes video, along with an opportunity for people all over the world to share a virtual message with friends or families.

Can a car deliver a message to space?