Syoss Thief in Morning Commute

Syoss, Henkel’s international hair care brand, is being promoted in Switzerland with “The Thief”, a commercial drawing on the daily struggles commuters go through. The Syoss Thief commercial focuses on how merciless the morning commute can be by stealing our sleep, breakfast and time it takes to do our hair. Time poor commuters struggle with bad hair, envious of the one woman whose coiffure remains unruffled, thanks to her use of Syoss.

Syoss Thief passenger with hat

Qantas Feels Like Home Again

Qantas is running the third series in the Feels Like Home brand campaign, promoting the the build-up to the Perth-London service being launched in March 2018. Two commercials tell the real stories of people living in Australia and the UK, brought together for emotional reunions by Qantas. The Charlton family in Perth are reunited with their grandmother in the UK. Imogen travels to London for a reunion with her boyfriend Michael. The Qantas Feels Like Home campaign features the 787-9 Dreamliner, the new aircraft that will serve the new Kangaroo route between Perth and London, connecting Australia and the UK with a direct flight.

Qantas Feels Like Home Again - hug

Happy Mothers Day from Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is picking up international coverage of its “Happy Mothers Day” commercial, a tribute to the tribulations experienced by mothers of young children in planes. Children take turns to recite their lines from the poem outlining the challenges of flying, starting with using a handbag as a spew bag, screaming the whole flight long, frantic toilet runs, and crotches splashed with wine. Behind the cute children we see animations illustrating the ode to mothers.

Air New Zealand Happy Mothers Day

Home with Poett Fraganza

FCB Buenos Aires and Clorox Argentina have launched “Casa” (Home), a suspense-laden commercial for Poett Fraganza. Poett is a fabric perfume designed to be applied to clothes, tapestries, curtains, towels, bed sheets and car upholstery. For the first time in the brand’s advertising history, Poett has been presented as the central prop in a compelling narrative. A woman wanders around her neighbourhood in the twilight hours, using a Poett spray bottle to place a fragrant scent on outdoor furniture and fabrics. Back at home she joins her daughter who is clearly troubled by something. Finally the storyline is resolved (a lost dog), and the significance of the welcome home mat is revealed.

Poett Fraganza Home

Bullfighting from another age?

FLAC (Federation of Leagues Against Corridas) in France is raising awareness about the cruelty of bullfighting with a commercial featuring a velociraptor. FLAC and its fourteen partner associations ask the question, “Do you think this practice belongs to another age?”, and call on viewers to sign a petition to get bullfighting banned. The film begins with the taunting and killing of a velociraptor, suggesting that bull fighting belongs in the dinosaur era. The second half features archival footage from the corrida (bullfighting) culture of southern France and Spain. The answer to the film’s question is “No it doesn’t. It still exists”.

Bullfighting Dinosaur