Marks & Spencer Art of Adventures in Autumn

Marks & Spencer is promoting the store’s Autumn/Winter 2015 range of clothing with a series of television commercials celebrating the art of design, tailoring, comfort (lingerie), autumn, texture (coats). Set to the Mark Ronson hit Uptown Funk, the series transfers artistic elements from the Adventures in Food campaign, close up product shots and sequences from the manufacturing process. The goal here is to capture the craftsmanship and fashion credentials behind the brand’s womenswear, menswear and childrenswear. “The art of style, inspiration, innovation, integrity, cut, art, craft. Only one store does it like this.”

Marks & Spencer Art of sheep

Geico Gecko BBQ Awards

Geico is promoting their award for the Best Insurance Mobile app at the IAC Awards (Internet Advertising Competition) with a commercial featuring Geico Gecko. The Geico Gecko visits a barbecue restaurant and chats with the owner about the awards, including the best cracked pepper sauce and the most ribs eaten while calf roping. When asked to produce his award, out comes the award, complete with party and “Whoomp! (There It Is)”, the 1993 hit by Miami bass group Tag Team. “Well, I’ll be. Does that thing just follow you around?” “Like a little puppy.”

Geico Gecko with Best Insurance Mobile app award

Breast Cancer Now – The Last One

Breast Cancer Now, created through the merger of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign, was launched in June with an online film, “The Last One”, and a website. “The Last One” features real women with breast cancer speaking frankly about the realities of the disease which may one day take their lives. It also highlights Breast Cancer Now’s ambition that, if we all act now, breast cancer will have taken its last life by 2050. All of the women featured in the ad are real breast cancer sufferers, and each line of dialogue is their own words. The Breast Cancer Now Youtube channel features further videos in which the women and their families tell the real stories that inspired the ad.

Breast Cancer Now - The Last One

Heineken The Coin It’s Your Call

Heineken, one of the sponsors of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, is running “It’s your call”, a global campaign giving rugby fans the opportunity to take part in the start of every game in the tournament. Fans will be responsible for the coin toss that will determine which nation kicks off the game. Everyone across the world will have the chance to enter a competition to flip the coin at their country’s game and one very lucky fan will flip the coin at the Rugby World Cup final on October 31st 2015.

Heineken Rugby World Cup Coin

Breast Cream That Gives You Wrinkles

The World Health Organization estimates that 400,000 lives could be saved every year through the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. But 70% of New Zealand women don’t check themselves regularly. So, Colenso BBDO created Breast Cream, a simple moisturiser that makes checking your breasts a part of your regular beauty routine. Simply applying the cream helps you look and feel for lumps and changes that could be signs of cancer. By creating a beauty product, Colenso BBDO engaged women that might normally switch off when confronted with traditional breast cancer campaigns, and gave them a comfortable and tangible way to regularly check their breasts. The microsite,, pointed to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s Breast Cream page (now protected by password). Skin Food, the key partner in the program, still sells the product online at The project won a Graphite Pencil for Direct, Direct Response and Ambient at the 2015 D&AD Awards. The print advertisement, “Gives You Wrinkles”, won a Gold Press Lion at Cannes 2015 and a Silver Clio at the 2015 Clio Awards.

NZBCF breast cream that gives you wrinkles