Deluxe Christmas Card 2014

DeLuxe Entertainment Services Group Inc has launched a digital Christmas Card for 2014, produced at Rushes and Mcasso in London. The animation presents a hanging mobile featuring partner content creation companies Method Studios, Company 3, Centro Digital Pictures, Beast, Editpool, DDP Studios, iloura, Encore, EFilm, StageOne Sound, Level 3 Post, Rushes, Stereo D, Pax Entertainment, Flagstaff Studios and CSI.

Deluxe Christmas Card star

The Golden Age by Woodkid

“The Golden Age”, a music video for Woodkid track “Embers”, the final single from The Golden Age album, is one of the nominations for Best Music Video at the 2015 Grammy Awards. French film director, composer and musician Yoann Lemoine has been releasing his music under the name Woodkid. In this 10 minute long video, released in July 2014, we’re introduced to a nostalgic look at boyhood innocence through a body cast of Yoann’s colleague Thomas Azier in a visual effects sequence arranged by Lemoine himself. The subsequent black and white film, set in a swampy backwater, provides a dreamy narrative moving from tranquility to uncertainty, inspired by 1960s black and white photography by American photographer William Getney.

Woodkid Golden Age music video

W+K Christmas Card from Recycled Trees

Wieden+Kennedy London has transformed abandoned Christmas trees from 2013 into agency the W+K Christmas Card for 2014. Creatives Jason Scott and Joris Philippart collected abandoned trees from the agency’s neighbourhood a year ago, before chipping the wood outside the agency office. Wood chips were turned into paper at the world’s oldest mechanised paper mill, Frogmore Paper Mill. A simple but eye-catching recyling-inspired tree design was screen printed on the front of each card, with a shiny golden star added for class. The W+K London office has been turned into a shop selling the cards, and there is also a limited amount available to buy online at All proceeds from card sales will be donated to Trees For Cities. Each A6 card comes with its own recycled transparent envelope.

W+K London Recycled Christmas Cards

Sia Chandelier music video starring Maddie Ziegler

Sia’s Chandelier music video, starring Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler, is one of the nominations for Best Music Video at the 2015 The Grammy Awards. Shot in the old Herald Examiner building in Los Angeles, the video shows 11-year-old Maddie in a blonde Sia wig and energetically and expressively engaging with the Chandelier track. The video, released in May 2014, won the award for Best Choreography at the MTV Music Awards. Chandelier is a single from the album 1000 Forms of Fear.

Sia Chandelier music video starring Maddie Ziegler

Beard Baubles for Beard Season

Grey London creatives Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford have connected their agency’s Christmas card project, Beard Baubles, with Australian melanoma awareness campaign Beardseason. Packs of baubles, sold online in packs of 14 (Traditional, Classic and Wintery), are now collectors items while the Christmas cards featuring bearded and baubled agency staff go out to valued clients and friends of Grey London. Beard Season, founded by Jimmy Niggles, uses beards to spread awareness of skin cancer. See the project on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Limited edition packs are being auctioned on eBay. A set of commissioned art works inspired by the Beard Baubles collection will be presented online today.

Beard Baubles