BFF 3000 Miles from Hollywood

“3,000 Miles from Hollywood” is the tagline for the 2015 Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) campaign is a staunch declaration that Brooklyn and its movie-making style are both physically and philosophically as far away from Hollywood as it gets. The TV, print and social media campaign illustrates comical situational comparisons using worn-out Hollywood clichés to prove that Brooklyn is a categorically different place. The campaign encourages people to recognize the difference between making a challenging independent picture and making just another movie. Rather than showcasing the big budget, blockbuster-style films of Hollywood, BFF is a celebration of the creativity, craft and ingenuity of independent films.

BFF 3000 Miles from Hollywood

KFC Colonel Sanders Returns to America

KFC is marking the 75th anniversary of the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand with an advertising campaign featuring the return of Colonel Sanders. Seventy-five years ago, a feisty 65-year-old chicken salesman set out to give his neighbors the best friend chicken out there. A decade later that secret recipe and his finger lickin’ good fried chicken made Colonel Sanders one of the most recognizable men in the world. The push includes a marketing blitz with the new Colonel played by “Saturday Night Live” alum Darrell Hammond, store remodels, new packaging, new menu items, a new and a “reinvented”, which gives the history of the Colonel in all his different iterations.

KFC Colonel Sanders in State of Nation

Jake from State Farm meets Cone Heads

State Farm is rolling out “Jake from Planet State Farm”, a Coneheads tie-in with the 2011 commercial “State of Unrest”. In the original ad Jake (Jake Stone) speaks to a couple (Justin Campbell and Caryne Shae) on the phone, mistaken by the wife for a phone sex operator. The new series brings in The Boneheads, the Saturday Night Live skit characters Beldar (Dan Aykroyd), Prymaat (Jane Curtin) and Connie (Laraine Newman). The Coneheads characters, natives of the planet Remulak debuted on Saturday Night Live in 1977, were revived in the 1993 movie, and now return in a series of pre-roll videos talking about cats, yoga and movies. Jake from State Farm (Jake Stone) has his own Twitter feed, @jakestatefarm.

State Farm Cone Heads

Renault Original Parts & Evil Twins

Renault Buenos Aires launched its 2015 Official Service campaign reminding customers why they should always use original parts. The message is totally new and very clear: ‘They look the same until one makes trouble. Always trust original parts’. We can appreciate a set of posters featuring real twins, with one twin from each pair responsible for wreaking havoc on some individuals. But, of course, it’s impossible to guess which one did it.

Renault Paint Prank

Mobile Parking Lot

Christiano Neves and Fernando Barbella, two creatives living and working in London, have created The Mobile Parking Lot, a product for people with device addiction issues. Isn’t it a little bit annoying being in a meeting and seeing how some of the people you’re talking with just don’t stop staring at their phone screens? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself being the one that is not looking or paying enough attention to your interlocutors at meetings… Fact is, most of us have been exposed either passively or actively to this problem of the current times. Neves and Barbella contend that eye contact is the ultimate tool that lets anyone in a meeting know you’re paying attention. That’s why they’ve created and launched up to eight (so far) different versions of this non-tech device that will help us have more productive and well-mannered meetings. Please, next time you’re invited to a meeting at work, #ParkThatPhone.

Mobile Parking Lot