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Whopper Toothpaste from Burger King

Burger King in France has released Whopper Toothpaste, the first toothpaste that keeps your mouth Whopper fresh. The WHOPPER®, BURGER KING® iconic burger, is so generous and tasty that its fans would do anything to make its unique flame grilled beef taste last longer. For an everlasting pleasure experience, BURGER KING® has created WHOPPER TOOTHPASTE , the first toothpaste with active WHOPPER® extracts. BURGER KING® and agency Buzzman teamed up with experts to reproduce the iconic flavor of the WHOPPER® and combine it with active ingredients for optimal teeth and gum hygiene. WHOPPER TOOTHPASTE will soon be available in your restaurants and drugstores. You won’t have to hesitate between enjoying a WHOPPER® and brushing your teeth ever again. The Whopper Toothpaste campaign follows on from the 2016 “Single Fries” campaign.

Whopper Toothpaste

Halifax Thunderbirds Penelope & Parker

Halifax Bank is featuring two characters from the Thunderbirds stop motion animation TV series in their advertising campaign promoting Halifax Savers Prize Draw Superdraw. British aristocrat Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her butler/chauffeur Aloysius Parker are shown driving through town in the pink bulletproof armoured FAB 1 limousine. Parker asks if he can make a quick stop at a Halifax branch. He goes into the branch with a letter and is amazed to discover he has won the top prize of £500,000 in the Halifax Savers Prize Draw Superdraw. When asked by a bank employee what he’ll spend the money on, Parker thinks hard. Then we see him on a beach, cocktail in hand, while his boss Lady Penelope, is back at the mansion ringing the bell for attention with him nowhere to be seen! Filmed in the Halifax branch in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the Halifax Thunderbirds advert features Halifax colleagues as extras.

Halifax Thunderbirds Penelope and Parker

IKEA Best Day is Everyday

IKEA Australia is promoting the Autumn 2017 catalogue with “The Best Day Is The Everyday”, an advertising campaign featuring the LUDDE sheepskin rug family and their playful puppy BOLMEN step stool. Narrated by Swedish actress Lena Endre, the IKEA Best Day is Everyday commercials are designed to inspire Australians to rediscover the fun and happiness in everyday life at home. The DEKAD alarm clock, Charmtroll squeaky toy, DJURA rubberwood bed tray, the ÄNGSLILJA queen quilt cover set, GJORA bed frame, VARV table lamp, MALM set of 6 drawers, SALTBAK rug, FLADIS basket, POÄNG rocking chair, IKEA 365+ mug, are all props in this Saturday morning lie-in scenario. LUDDE provides seven tips for good sleep and great mornings, including the one featured in the commercial, making coffee for your loved ones. The Autumn campaign follows on from the 2016 Summer campaign using the same concept promoting outdoor living, this time with the THORINE guitar cushion, ÄPPLARÖ reclining chair, VARDAGEN carafe with lid and glasses, SOCKER plant pot and GESTALTA artist’s dummy.

IKEA Best Day is Everyday - Luddes have coffee in bed

Pedigree Child Replacement in NZ

Pedigree in New Zealand is promoting adoption with a campaign that pairs abandoned dogs with abandoned parents. The Pedigree Child Replacement program aims to connect adoption dogs with parents who find themselves alone after their kids move out. The integrated campaign drives parents to replacethem.co.nz where they can find the perfect canine substitute for their child, cheekily suggesting, ‘When your kids move out, move on’. Parents who adopt can even send in their child’s old possessions and PEDIGREE® will turn them into new possessions for their dog. Empty nesters (parents who find themselves living alone) often suffer from a sense of grief and loneliness when their children leave home. The Pedigree Child Replacement program gives parents the chance to bring the companionship, admiration, and unconditional love back into their lives just by adopting a dog. The campaign is presented through television (“Treehouse”, “Scared” and “Hard Man to Impress”), digital, radio, and press, as well as having a presence at the departure terminal of Auckland’s International Airport.

Pedigree Child Replacement programme - jacket

Ford MAX Motor Dreams

Ford in Spain is promoting the Max vehicle range with “Max Motor Dreams”, a baby crib that reproduces the movements, lights and sounds of a parent’s car. Parents are able to use an app to collect data from different routes as they drive, to be replicated later for the sake of their sleeping children at home. Online at fordmaxmotordreams.com, the campaign invites potential customers to take a test drive in a Max and go in the draw for their crib. “When it seems that everything is lost, we have that last wildcard we trust, the run-run of the engine, the movements, the curves, the lights of the roads. But why move from the living room if we can do it in a click? Imagine that your baby’s crib, controlled by an app, was able to reproduce the most calming routes to your baby. The route of going to the village to see the grandparents, the tour of when we go to see the cousins, wander through the center…”

Max Motor Dreams baby