Volkswagen Optical Illusion Photography Recreated

Volkswagen is promoting 360° Area View Camera in a print advertising campaign using optical illusions in photography. “One angle is not enough. Volkswagen 360° Area View Camera.” Four trick photos challenge viewers to take a second look: Dog, Baby, Boy and Girl. The low res photos recreate examples of the funny illusion internet meme.

Volkswagen 360 Area View Dog

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What if you were invited to your own funeral?

The Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV/IBSR) is running an integrated road safety advertising campaign centred on a funeral for six people known for their speeding. Families and friends invited the drivers to the mock funeral on March 29, held in French and Dutch, where they were able to reflect on the impact of a death on the road. The emotional reality check was caught on hidden cameras in the funeral parlour. The resulting YouTube video, “What if you were invited to your own funeral?”, has had over 2.5 million views since its launch on April 7. The Go For Zero campaign includes sites in French,, and Dutch,, from which viewers can send messages to their speeding friends.

What if you were invited to your own funeral?

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The Amazing Spider-Man amazed by his Evian baby-me

French water brand evian has launched a new episode in the Baby & Me campaign tied in with the Marc Webb film, The Amazing Spider Man 2. Peter Parker’s super hero persona comes face to face with himself as a child before entering into a superhero dance off. The campaign includes the production of 5000 collector bottles, and elements on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook elements, with the hashtag #evianSpiderMan.

Evian Spider Man Baby Me

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Thai Life Insurance Unsung Hero Warms Hearts

Thai Life Insurance has produced a new inspiring heart warming commercial, “Unsung Hero”, encouraging viewers to reflect on what’s really important in life. A young man living in the city interacts with those he meets in a spirit of generosity and compassion, without expecting recognition or reward. And yet he does discover something of the good life in the process, seeing changes in his community through a growing plant, a young girl seeking an education, a hungry dog in search of a friend. The video is featured on the microsite,, in which a new story is featured each day of the month.

Thai Insurance Unsung Hero

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Seeing MS in Photography

Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them. One day they can alter your memory, the next your vision. Striking without warning and leaving no trace, they are invisible. Seeing MS is a global photographic project to visualise the invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The Seeing MS project invited nine photographers to depict each symptom in a single image, inspired by stories of those touched by the disease. Symptoms are uncovered online at With the Seeing MS app, available on iTunes and Google Play), everyone with a camera can uncover the unseen. Photo filters based on each symptom will allow you to see and share how MS affects those living with this mysterious and debilitating condition. The nine best photos for each symptom as voted by the public, will be displayed in an exhibition alongside the nine famous photographers who started the Seeing MS project. In only its first week, the online gallery of photographic interpretations of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms in the powerful new Seeing MS campaign has already received more than 600 images from over 40 countries.

Seeing MS Photo Gallery

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