Kevin The Fire King promotes Georgia Lottery Keno

Georgia Lottery Keno’s latest commercial, “The Fire King”, channels Game of Thrones in a medieval fantasy parody. The spot features Kevin the Goat reprising his fire-breathing heroics from earlier campaigns. “The Fire King” saga follows Kevin’s quest for the throne in the land of 12 realms. Battles and courtship ensue before he and his human sidekick, James, oust the sitting King Aragor with a fate-sealing blow: “Your dragon is no goat,” James quips. The voiceover concludes: “Be the king of your castle. Win $100,000 300 times a day playing Keno!”. Kevin the goat has been seen in five previous commercials, flying a fighter jet in Top Goat, dueling with evil villains in a spy drama, and cruising the streets with his cop buddy.

Georgia Lottery Keno Kevin the Fire King - fire breathing goat

Old Spice This Blocks on Copenhagen Buses

Earlier this year, OutOfHomeMedia ran a bus advertising campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a huge tag line, “Ad Block This”. The Ad Block This bus rolled around Copenhagen and gained a lot of attention. TBWA & BBDO figured that their work on a local campaign for Old Spice Odor Blocker would be a great response. In their creative solution, TBWA & BBDO literally blocked the Ad Block This statement — all the while highlighting a product, which in fact has a blocking effect. It’s a witty display of how a product’s qualities can interact with its surroundings. The Old Spice execution strengthens the message behind the Ad Block This solution, through exemplifying how effective traditional media still is. Bus route 5A in Copenhagen has a yearly passenger count of around 20 million people, making it close to equal with the number of travellers passing through Copenhagen Airport.

Old Spice This Blocks bus

Jewellery Crafted by my Heart

Marketing and advertising agency DDB Group Hong Kong has launched CRAFTED BY MY HEART, an iOS jewellery design app that lays down the rhythm of your heart as a one-of-a-kind gold, silver or black silver (gunmetal IP) ring. The app offers a choice of two unisex design templates, SURGE and SIERRA, that are customised by your heart beat. Each ring is assigned a different algorithm to ensure that no two pieces are alike. All you need is a smart phone, with the free app downloaded from the iOS App Store, to create a gift that is, quite literally, from the heart. The Crafted By My Heart project is online at, with the app available on the iOS App Store. Depending on the finish, rings cost between HK$1,198 and HK$1,588 (US$155 and US$205), and take around 15 to 20 working days to complete.

Crafted by my Heart Surge

World Bread Day in Madrid

The World Bread Day, October 16, is an event created by the International Federation of Bakers (UIB). The day is designed to celebrate the history and future of bread, share the work of bakers across the world, and help exchange views on the raw material from which many varieties of bread are made. CLV, an advertising agency in Madrid, has produced a film for they, shot in Panic, one of the best bakeries in Madrid, where bread is an object of worship elevated to the status of precious art.

World Bread Day

Kiss TV All for the Music

Kiss TV in Spain promoted its focus on music with a print advertising campaign featuring Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. Each of these music icons is presented with their birth name. Robert Allan Zimmerman as Bob Dylan with his signature guitar and harmonica. David Robert Jones as David Bowie, with a red lead and mixer. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta as Lady Gaga with keyboard, microphone stand and accessories. Peter Gene Hernandez as Bruno Mars with microphone, amplifier and cassette tape. “Without music, Bob Dylan wouldn’t be Bob Dylan. Kiss TV All For The Music”.

Kiss TV Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman