Braille Bricks

Braille Bricks is an experimental literacy tool and inclusion project, being used by the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind, designed by creatives at Brazil advertising agency Lew’Lara\TBWA. The idea was conceived from an insight upon first observing the braille alphabet, which is similar to plastic building bricksthat following the 3×2 post pattern. From this reference, Leandro Pinheiro and Ulisses Razaboni, the project’s creators, had the challenge of finding original pieces with the brand’s classic colors. The entire initiative, from the idea to the manufacture, took approximately a year. The initiative was made into a mini documentary showing children’s real reactions and invites the public to use the hashtag #BrailleBricksForAll.

Braille Bricks

Paramount Channel Actors

Paramount Channel Latin America is running “Actors” (Actors), a campaign celebrating the dramatic skills associated with both everyday life and the worlds created in Hollywood studios. The campaign reminds us that we live in a world full of actors. Men who pretend to know about wine, football players who simulates fouls, or women who fake orgasms. For that world full of actors, there comes a movie channel filled with the best of them. “En un mundo lleno de actores, hay un canal con los que llegaron a Hollywood” (In a world full of great actors, see the ones who made it to Hollywood).

Paramount Channel actors

P&G Thank you Mom Rio 2016

Procter & Gamble is marking Mothers Day and the build up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with “Strong”, a new element in the “Thank you, Mom” campaign. Children are supported by their mothers through stressful events, including an approaching tornado, a car crash, a stalled elevator, aerial turbulence, and bullying. We see those same children encouraged by their mothers to work through the challenges associated with training, followed by the exhilaration of competing in the Olympics. “It takes someone strong to make someone strong”. The Thank You Mom campaign, launched in 2012 with “Best Job“, “Kids“, and “Pick Them Back Up” in 2014, has its own Facebook page:

Thank You Mom Strong commercial - It takes someone strong

Audi Captain America Civil War Chase

Audi is running “The Chase”, a teaser and tie-in for the May 6 release of the Marvel Entertainment feature film Captain America: Civil War. A normal everyday family on a seemingly ordinary drive find themselves immersed in the Marvel cinematic universe. The foursome is thrust into a high-speed, high-risk chase with Captain America, Black Panther, The Winter Soldier and a fleet of 2017 Audi SQ7 police cars. The family emerges from the adrenaline-fueled chase unscathed, with the help of their own powerful Audi SQ7.

Audi Captain America Civil War Chase

The Times and Sunday Times Cut Through

The Times and The Sunday Times have partnered to create their first joint brand campaign, bringing to life the quality and focus of their journalism. A 30 second TV and cinema commercial features a montage of significant headline moments from around the world. Using the technique of isolating one unexpected sound from each scene, the commercial dramatises how Times and Sunday Times journalism gets to the heart of the story. The Times and Sunday Times Cut Through commercial will be supported by a print and out-of-home campaign spotlighting the talent and rigour of individual journalists.

The Times and Sunday Times Cut Through ad - Trump