Sippo Smart Cup App Here

Intelligi, a lifestyle technology and design team from Australia, has launched the Sippo Smart Cup via Indiegogo. Ever had trouble remembering to drink enough water? Sippo is a smart cup made from premium stainless steel. It empowers you to stay hydrated through your busy day — all controlled through your mobile device. The Sippo Smart Cup will be connected through Bluetooth via the Sippo app. After connecting your device to the smart cup, the consumer will enter the required information and a recommended goal will be generated within seconds. Fill your cup with either hot or cold beverages, and you’re ready to go. Sippo tracks your consumption automatically, and when you forget, it alerts you. The cup’s online at sippo.com

Sippo cup with smart phone

Carling Black Horse Directors Cut

Champion men deserve Champion beer. Carling in South Africa has launched “Black Horse”, a television commercial celebrating the Champion men who take action rather than sitting on the sidelines. The ad features a man taking immediate action when a problem presents itself – using physical strength and mental skill. He immediately gets involved when an anxious horse escapes and runs wild in the city, ensuring not only the safety of other people but also that of the horse, bravely taking action when no one else would. We’ve featured here the Director’s Cut.

Carling Black Horse

COP21 Climate is in our hands

Paris advertising agency BETC is helping raise awareness of global climate issues during the Climate Action conference in Paris, through a communications campaign using the tag line, “The Climate is in Our Hands” (Le climat est entre dos mains). Between the 30th of November and the 12th of December the COP21 gathers almost 40 000 people in Paris to negotiate a solution for the climate change crisis before it’s too late. Together the world leaders need to find an agreement that will contain the rise in average global temperature below 2°C. BETC’s outdoor campaign shows portraits of different people holding in their hands a mirror reflecting the sky, a metaphor for how we are all responsible for the climate. The guerrilla campaign will be spread through flyposting and also in Glacière metro station, 27th November – 10th December. The campaign also includes an online film hosted on Facebook. “Le climat test entre nos mains”.

COP21 The Climate is in our hands outdoor ad

Aldi Christmas Friend on The Moon

Aldi has spoofed John Lewis’ “Man on the Moon” Christmas campaign with a tactical ad marketing telescopes. The Aldi Christmas Friend ad features its own lonely old man living on the moon, who compares the price of a telescope sold by John Lewis with a cheaper one sold by Aldi. He points to the John Lewis one and says “I like this one”, then the price of £109.95 appears on screen; then he points at the Aldi telescope and says “And I like this one”, then the price of £69.99 appears on screen. He then looks through the Aldi telescope and exclaims “But I’m over the moon with this one!” It is revealed that he has spotted a Jean Jones floating through space towards him on an armchair with balloons. Jean Jones first appeared in the 2011 “Aldi Like Brands” campaign in which she displayed her penchant for gin.

Aldi Christmas Friend Man on the Moon

Happy Place

When Black Friday’s over, have you ever wondered what happens to the unsold toys left on the shelf? Tom Jenkins & Simon Sharp, aka Sharp & Jenkins, have produced “Happy Place”, a short film exploring the fantasies of unsold toys. Filmed in the UK and Nevada, USA, “Happy Place” shows a radio controlled Maisto Rock Crawler travelling to a far-off destination to engage in off-road action and on-road racing. Happy Place follows on from the viral success of the Google Streetview film Address Is Approximate and projected car chase The World’s Tiniest Police Chase.

Happy Place title