Leonard Nimoy in Advertising

Leonard Nimoy, who has died at the age of the age of 83, has appeared in a number of television commercials related to his casting as Mr Spock in the original Star Trek series and films. The most recent was Volkswagen Germany’s “Zukunft für alle” (Future is Now) commercial in which Nimoy drives a futuristic Volkswagen XL1, outclassing Shatner’s e-mobility equipped e-Golf. Audi’s “Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: The Challenge”, was released in 2013. Nimoy appeared in a 2006 Super Bowl ad for Aleve pain reliever, turning up to deliver his famous Live Long and Prosper sign at a convention. He appeared as the potential replacement for Priceline ambassador William Shatner in a series of three commercials in 2004. Other campaigns include Hallmark, EdTel (1981), MCI and Western Airlines (1985).

Volkswagen Future is Now William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

Dompé Rarest Ones

February 28 is World Rare Disease Day. Dompé, a biopharmaceutical company which invests in researching cures for rare diseases, has worked with Italian Federation for Rare Diseases, UNIAMO F.I.M.R., to launch “The Rarest Ones”, a film connecting the dangers faced by endangered animals with the dangers faced by people with rare diseases. 22 year old Tommaso Gallupi, who suffers from the rare disease hyperphenylalaninemia, appears nude in the scenic surroundings of Lazio, Abruzzo and the Canary Islands. The film highlights how campaigns to raise awareness of the possible danger of extinction of some species of wildlife – such as a polar bears, seals, dophins, whales – attract significant media attention and can provoke a reaction of sympathy and indignation. In comparison, rare diseases in humans receive less attention from the media and are little known by the public. It is estimated that in Europe, about 24-36 million people are affected by a rare disease. In the US, it is estimated that number is around 25 million.

Dompe Rarest Ones Beach scene

Evolve Playthings – If they Find It They’ll Play With It

Evolve, the national organization focused on making gun safety and responsibility the social norm, follows up its 2014 viral film success ‘Playthings’ with a print series that further illustrates the importance of keeping guns locked up when ever-so-curious children are at home. Four charmingly provocative ads feature kids playing with all manner of taboo household items – condoms, mom’s lacey lingerie, maxi pads, sex toys and tampons – with the simple reminder: ‘If they find it, they’ll play with it.’ That’s an embarrassing prospect if kids find a lacey bra, but it’s a terrifying one if they find an unlocked gun. The new initiative also includes out of home, digital and social elements.

Evolve Claws Balloons

NOAH Fine Art of Exterminating Rhinos

NOAH Menschen für Tiere (NOAH People for Animals) is running a print advertising campaign raising awareness of rhinoceros slaughter. A rhino is shown with its two horns being whittled away to form miniature sculptures. “The fine art of exterminating an entire species. Rhinos have survived predators, climate change and disease for 50 million years. But it’s Asia’s soaring demand for rhino horn that will doom them: every 14 hours a rhino is killed. Help us save the last rhinos.” Although most of the market in rhinoceros horn in Asia is linked to medicinal use, there is a growing market in rhino horn sculpture.

NOAH Rhino Horn Fine Art print advertisement

Lexus Make Some Noise

Lexus used the 2015 Super Bowl game to run “Make Some Noise”, a commercial introducing the NX Turbo and hybrid. Set in a parking building, “Make Some Noise” brings together drivers and dancers, with a soundtrack inspired by NX-generated sounds, including the beep from the car unlocking, the sunroof opening and the engine revving. The voiceover: ““Go beyond utility: introducing the Lexus first-ever NX Turbo and Hybrid from Lexus. Be seen. Be heard. Make some noise.”

Lexus Make Some Noise