Bonds Boys in Undies

Bonds in Australia is running “The Boys”, an advertising campaign featuring two testicles, Rob and Dennis, who know what they want (very comfy undies) and, more importantly, what they don’t want (tired, hole-ridden trunks). The average Aussie male doesn’t think about underwear very often. In marketing terms, it’s a low involvement category. Instead, they happily wear jocks that are old, ill fitting and riddled with holes, only buying a new pair when they absolutely have to. However, talking about men’s undies isn’t the most natural topic at the pub, so Bonds have decided to make the conversation about something closer to men’s hearts: their balls.

Bonds Boys

Hovis Good Inside Escape Outside

Hovis, the UK bakery, is promoting the new Good Inside bread range with “Stuck”, a TV advert featuring two boys and a girl riding their bikes to escape out-of-control buildings. Following on from the classic boy on a bike theme of previous advertising campaigns, the Hovis Good Inside commercial uses visual effects to show walls and ceilings spreading through the countryside to accentuate the sense of adventure. As the children finally break free, the voiceover encourages kids, “Don’t get stuck indoors, get outside and take a sandwich”. The new Hovis Good Inside range includes three loaves containing natural Omega 3, wheatgerm and fibre. The Hovis Good Inside integrated campaign includes TV, video on-demand, radio, digital, PR and in-store media.

Hovis Good Inside Stuck commercial

Extra Gum Love Story of Sarah & Juan

Wrigley has picked up millions of viewers with “Sarah & Juan”, a high school romance with a heart-moving ending. The Extra Gum commercial uses Extra wrappers as the connecting point in which Sarah and Juan learn to share their lives. Small moments of sharing can lead to something far more meaningful. Music is Haley Reinhart’s cover of Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit Can’t Help Falling in Love. The campaign follows on from the viral success of the 2013 Origami commercial featuring a father and daughter.

Gum Extra commercial with Sarah and Juan

Barbie Imagine The Possibilities

Mattel has released “Imagine the Possibilities,” an online film targeted at parents. The film makes use of hidden cameras to capture people’s reactions as girls play out situations they imagine in real life, such as being a college lecturer, a veterinarian, a soccer coach, a businesswoman and a museum guide. In the end, we see these situations being played out with their Barbie dolls, reminding people how play with Barbie helps inspire imagination and confidence. Released in the same week as the UN International Day of the Girl Child, the film returns the Barbie brand to its roots and celebrates young girls’ journeys of self-discovery. The year-long campaign, online at, will include social media, additional videos and regional efforts.

Barbie lecturer

Bunion the film

Jessica Sanders, known for her award-winning documentaries and commercials, is picking up recognition for her short film Bunion. Bunion features Avi Rothman as David, the unfortunate soul pained by the film’s wonderously icky titular condition along with Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and Michaela Watkins (SNL, Trophy Wife). Inspired by writer/actor Rothman’s actual bunion, the film explores the comedy found in the insecurities and imperfections we find in ourselves and others. From paramours to podiatrists to therapists, David’s unsightly predicament inspires varying degrees of distaste before he lands on the road to self-acceptance.

Bunion Avi Rothman