Staedtler Pencils Where It All Begins

Staedtler Hong Kong has followed up the success of its “Where It All Begins” advertising campaign with a further set of print advertisements featuring shaved pencils. Inspired by Dalton M. Ghetti, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the campaign shows how classic designs were born from pencil sketches. Staedtler’s pencil tip graphite has been crafted into microscopic miniatures: “Helvetica”, “Architecture” and “Concorde”.

Staedtler Helvetica

Scrabble Power of Words

Ukraine agency Twiga and design studio Tough Slate Design have produced a set of four print advertisements for Scrabble, using digital manipulation to provide creative word plays. The fusion campaign puts the cat in caterpillar, the crow in crowbar, the pen in penguin and car in carrot. “The power of words”.

Scrabble Caterpillar

Trivial Pursuit in Print Puzzles

Trivial Pursuit the Hasbro board game, is presented in a series of seven print and outdoor advertisements from DDB Paris, each using an empty category wedge to evoke the game’s test of general knowledge. What’s the name of Great Pyramid of Giza? Who appears on Mount Rushmore with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln? Name the major character in the 1933 film directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. Who was the first person to be photographed on the moon? What was the highest grossing film of the 1980s? The Norwegian word for dog provided the inspiration for the name of which cartoon character? Whose face appears on the US one dollar bill? The campaign won recognition at the French Club de DA in 2013, a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes 2014, and has now been shortlisted for Print at the 2014 Clio Awards.

Trivial Pursuit Kheops

The Sounds of GE in Drop Science

GE has released “Drop Science”, a sound and vision work as part of “The Sounds of GE”, showcasing the crucial role of sound in GE’s engineering. Audio recordings are used by engineers to perform real-time diagnostics of airplanes, locomotives, power turbines and medical equipment, allowing for prediction and diagnosis of faults, maintenance to be scheduled, and failures to be avoided before they occur. New York DJ and sound artist Matthew Dear worked with GE Accoustics Engineer Andrew Gorton to gather over 1000 discrete samples recorded at GE research centers around the world. From these, Dear composed an original electronic track featuring sounds from some of the world’s largest machines, including GE90 and GEnx jet engine acceleration tests, diagnostic tests performed at the Global Research Center, and sounds of the Blue-C subsea compressors from Norway, all culminating in a much-anticipated drop.

GE Drop Science Microphone

OK Go The Writing’s on The Wall

OK Go’s music video for “The Writing’s On The Wall” has won the Best Visual Effects award at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Brooklyn-based production company 1stAveMachine and their experimental agency division SpecialGuest collaborated with OK Go members to create a one-take film focused on optical illusions. Drawing inspiration from artists like Georges Rousse and Felice Varini a large team in a Brooklyn warehouse used real time objects to create 4 minutes of fascination and pleasure.

OK Go The Writing's On The Wall