Axe Soul mates Don’t Rely on Fate

Unilever is promoting an upgraded line of Axe products for men with “Soul mates”, a commercial tracing a young man’s efforts to connect with a woman through history. Beginning with an ice age scene reminiscent of Jon Snow’s appearance in Game of Thrones, the ad follows his perilous quest through scenes from Pompeii, a sultan’s court, the Wild West, the RMS Titanic, World War II, a Vietnam war protest. Finally boy meets girl in a gas station, just in time to miss a new disaster. Music is an Order of Era cover of “One (is the loneliest number),” Harry Nilsson’s song made famous by Three Dog Night in 1969. The integrated campaign spans television, cinema, out of home, print, mobile and digital media.

Axe Soulmates

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Apple Gets Better Approach to Environment

Apple has launched “Better”, a short commercial promoting the company’s efforts to reduce its impact on climate change, find ways to use greener materials and conserve resources for future generations. Narrated by CEO Tim Cook, the video was shot on location at Apple Facilities. The video is connected with Apple’s updated environmental responsibility website,, tackling climate change, toxins, finite resources. The site includes a message from Apple’s environmental chief Lisa Jackson along with list of major environmental victories over the past 13 years. The campaign’s been launched in tandem with Earth Day and addresses concerns raised by critics of the Apple brand.

Apple - We want to leave the world a better place than we found it

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KFC Chicken Corsage Ready for Prom Night

KFC in the United States is running “Chicken Corsage”, a #HowDoYouKFC campaign linked with the current high school prom season. The commercial at the heart of the campaign features a young man who exchanges his dance partner’s gift of a boutonniere with a KFC drumstick attached to a baby breath wrist corsage. KFC encourages fans to visit the Chicken Corsage site,, where they can make their special order through Nanz and Kraft Florists for $20. Gift givers are able to take their corsage and voucher along to KFC for their choice of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken, to surprise their date with a chicken corsage that will “make her eyes light up and her mouth water”.

KFC Chicken Corsage

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Dove Beauty Patches for a State of Mind

Dove’s new beauty campaign, “Dove Patches”, promotes the concept that beauty is a state of mind. Following on from Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches and Camera Shy video campaigns the Dove: Patches campaign is presented as a social experiment guided by psychologist Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke. Women were invited to wear the RB-X Patch for 12 hours and to record a daily video journal for two weeks as a follow up. They were told the process would help them feel more beautiful. Launched on April 9, the video has had over 19 million views on YouTube. For some viewers the video is perceived as a refreshing break from a product-centred approach to body image. For others, the video perpetuates unhealthy gender stereotypes and expectations for women.

Dove Beauty Patch

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Sunny and Steve Enjoy the Sweets

New York VFX company MPC (The Moving Picture Company) has produced “Sunny and Steve enjoy the Sweets”, an animated short film featuring an Easter bunny and an office worker. The short film tells a humorous tale of an office worker as he struggles with a protective, seemingly innocent bunny on a quest for sweets.

Sunny and Steve enjoy the Sweets

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