Sony Bravia Fireworks

Sony is running “Fireworks”, an advertising campaign which ‘celebrates every detail’ of its X90C BRAVIA™ 4K Ultra HD TV. The commercial at the heart of the campaign was features fireworks through different camera angles, from the ground, from above and from within the spectacular moment it explodes, culminating on a rooftop, where viewers get a close-up of the beautiful patterns over the high rise skyline. Filming was shot using drones with Sony CineAlta F55 4K cameras. The campaign also encompasses digital media (live until the end of November), outdoor, cinema, VOD and print.

Sony Bravia Fireworks ad with couple

Taylor Swift Bad Blood with Kendrick Lamar

Bad Blood, the music video by Taylor Swift with Kendrick Lamar, has won the Music Video of the Year award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, along with awards for best collaboration, and nominations for best art direction, best direction, best editing, best visual effects and Song of the Summer. Set in London, UK, the music video features a showdown between two professional assassins Catastrophe (Swift) and Arsyn (Selena Gomez). Swifts’ character is shown being nursed back to health and training for a revenge attack on her rivals. The

Taylor Swift in Bad Blood

British Institutes for Rusty English

British Institutes Italy is running a print and outdoor advertising campaign featuring London landscapes with a rusty finish, promoting courses in English language proficiency. Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and the London Eye all feature in the campaign, with the tag line, “Il tuo inglese è arrugginito?” (Is your English a bit rusty?). British Institutes is one of the biggest English teaching organisations in Europe, with over 200 schools.

British Institute rusty Big Ben

TAC Towards Zero

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, Australia, is working with the Victoria government to run “Towards Zero”, an integrated advertising campaign asking Victorians to consider what it would be like to lose their loved ones on the roads. At the heart of the campaign is a television commercial in which Francisco, a Melbourne local, is surprised to see 70 members of his family appearing to represent his estimate of an acceptable annual road toll. “There’s no one someone won’t miss”, the tagline of the campaign, challenges viewers to work towards a road toll of zero.

There's no one someone wont' miss

McDonalds Emoticon City

McDonald’s France has launched “Emoticon City”, an expression of the “Come as You Are” (Venez Commes Vous Etes) advertising campaign first launched in 2008. The new commercial, and corresponding print and outdoor elements, focuses on the many emotions experienced by McDonalds customers. Whether you are happy, sad, stressed or excited, you are always welcome at McDonald’s. The commercial, shot in a small town in France over two days, shows people wearing big yellow heads, creating a living world of emoticons.

McDonalds Kissing Couple Emoticons