Puma Forever Faster

Puma is running “Forever Faster”, an integrated advertising campaign recognising athletes who stand out as individuals through both performance and personality. PUMA’s push to become the Fastest Sport Brand in the World is promoted in a television commercial, print advertising, and out of home work in metro stations, billboards, buses and trains in some of the world’s largest cities. Forever Faster recognises athletes who stand out as individuals through both performance and personality, including the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, football icons Mario Balotelli, Sergio Agüero and Marta Vieira da Silva, golfers Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson, and the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. The campaign is online at

Puma Forever Faster Mario Balotelli Villain Savior

In the Forever Faster commercial each of the athletes can be seen soaking in a hot tub surrounded by models, truly living the glamorous life of the bad, beautiful and talented. The hot tub acts as fun stage where the athletes deliver their invitation to join their rebellious cause.

Forever Faster embraces the thrill of being first, the swagger of being the best, and the fun of being able to adapt; but it is also an ethos that goes beyond the boundaries of a marketing campaign. It signifies the desire to quickly identify product designs and innovation, trends and style and bring them into the marketplace in a more dynamic manner. As well as a brand platform, Forever Faster is a company mentality.

Calling all rogues for danger, risk, potential fugitive status. Obedience discouraged. Impatience rewarded. Impossible odds inevitable. Hostility probable. Anonymity unlikely. Calling all those who follow their instincts. Because when we are at our most primal we are forever faster. Usain Bolt The World’s Fastest Man (Enough Said).

Puma Forever Faster Usain Bolt Calling All Rogues

Puma Forever Faster Lexi Thompson Minor Major

Puma Forever Faster Lexi Thompson Title Taker

Puma Forever Faster Cesc Fabregas Satisfied

Puma Forever Faster Rickie Fowler Distract Devour

Puma Forever Faster Sergio Kan Aguero Playbook Instinct

Puma Forever Faster Mario Balotelli Villain Savior


The Puma Forever Faster campaign was developed at JWT New York by chief creative officer Jeff Benjamin, creative directors Dan Morales, Chad Baker, Betsy Decker, Donnell Johnson, head of art and design Aaron Padin, design director Graham Clifford, lead Designer Soyeon Yoo, designer Emely Perez, planner Jessica Navas, head of production Lisa Setten, executive producer Matt Anderson, project manager Olivia Edgren, account team Greg McConnell, Brian D’Entremont and Jayna Clarke working with Puma marketing team Adam Petrick, Alex Lowe, Rachanee Charoenying.

Media was handled at Zenith Optimedia.

Filming was shot by director Gerard de Thame via Supply & Demand Integrated with executive producer Jeff Scruton, senior head of production Rika Osenberg, producer Fabyan Daw, director of photography Mauro Fiore.

Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut NY with assistant editor Betty-Jo Moore.

Post production was done at The Mill by executive producer Melanie Wickham, VFX producer Veronica Ware, shoot supervisor Andrew “Barnsley” Wood, creative director/2D lead artist Westley Sarokin, 3D lead artist Wyatt Savarese, 2D artists Naomi Anderlini, John Mangia, Rosalind Paradis, Jeff Butler, John McIntosh, Jeff Robbins, Jamin Cutler, Brandon Danowski, John Price, Iwan Zwarts, Amanda Amalfi, Jamie Beckwith, Gavin Camp, Michael Sarabia, 3D artists Hassan Taimur, Justin Burton, Ryamond Leung, Tim Kim, matte painters Shannan Burkley, Sun Chung, colourists Mick Vincent and Michael Rossiter, art department Vivian Kim and producer Samantha Axelrod.

Further visual effects were by Trace VFX, Bogdan Mihajlovic and Cinnamon VFX.

Music was produced at KBV Music.

Pinterest Say Hello to Messages

Pinterest has launched “Say Hello to Messages”, an online advertising campaign promoting the new direct messaging system that allows users to have conversations about Pins on Pinterest, igniting the spark of creative collaboration around a shared interest or project. A 2:20 minute commercial weaves together three narratives across the globe to deftly illustrate the creative applications of Pinterest messaging, from the simple domestic tasks to complex technological feats. We watch as one couple partners to create that night’s dinner, a pair adventures on the maiden voyage of a handmade canoe, and one team swaps spaceship concept art to create tomorrow’s blockbuster. The site, includes a set of silent demo videos encouraging viewers to download and use the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Say Hello to Messages

Why Not engage with Climate Reality

Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore is supporting the United Nations by urging young people across the globe to demand world leaders act on climate change as part of the new Why? Why Not? campaign. The campaign will work to recruit young people from around the world, aged between 13 and 21, to be the voices of the generation with the most to lose from the effects of climate change. The campaign will launch a contest inviting young people to film a short video asking leaders a “Why?” or “Why not?” question on climate change and solutions, with the opportunity to win a trip to the U.N. Climate Summit in New York City. For information on how to create and submit a short “Why?” or “Why not?” video, go to

Why not Climate Change Action

Cup Noodles Drones launched in Brazil

Cup Noodles, the instant ramen noodles snack by Nissin-Ajinomoto, is being promoted in Brazil with the launch of drones with cows, chickens, corn cobs and shrimps. The tagline, “You never know when you’ll get hungry,” is put to the test in a 2:30 commercial by a team sending Cup Noodles Drones to surfers, skateboarders and high liners. Filmed in São Bento do Sapucaí (Pedra do Baú), Ubatuba e São Bernardo do Campo, the online commercial features skateboarders Felipe Foguinho, surfers Marcelo Trekinho, Carlos Bahia and Gabriel Pastori, and skyliner Cadu.

Cup Noodles Drones

Snickers Coach Robin Williams

As the world laments the passing of comedian Robin Williams, we revisit his appearance in the Snickers Coach commercial, launched in January 2013 as part of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. Robin Williams appeared as a floral shirt wearing coach giving crazy advice to the Hawks football team at half time. When presented with a Snickers bar Williams took a bite and was transformed into the team’s real coach. Fellow comedian Bobcat Goldthwait had a cameo as a hungry cheerleader.

Snickers Coach ad with Robin Williams