Ben-u-ron Motherhood Vows

Bene Farmacêutica, a pharmaceutical company in Portugal, is promoting paracetamol brand Ben-u-ron with “E Para Sempre” (It’s Forever), an advertising campaign centred on the commitment of mothers. Launched initially for International Womens Day on March 8, the campaign began with “The Oath”/”Juramento”, a commercial celebrating the relationship of a mother with her child. The voiceover borrows from the traditional wedding vows to affirm the commitments that last a lifetime. The thought behind the campaign is that come rain or shine, in good times and bad times, you can always count on your mother. As you can count on Ben-u-ron to be present, from infancy to senior years. The campaign has now been given an extra boost for Mother’s Day. “There is no greater commitment than motherhood. And we’re here to help you through it”.

Ben-u-ron Mother's Vow

Air France Cinema To Go

Air France has prepared little gift for their cinema loving travellers, by introducing “Cinéma à importer” (Cinema to Go). Celebrating 36 years of partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, Air France is offering its customers the opportunity to watch or finish watching their film, from the Cannes Film Festival selection, after their flight on tablet, smartphone or PC with a gift code offered by the company. The Air France Cinema To Go commercial shows three film scenarios (romance, war and crime) being interrupted by an Air France hostess with the offer to keep the action going after the flight has ended.

AIr France Cinema To Go

Radiohead Burn The Witch

Radiohead has released the music video for their newly released track, “Burn the Witch”. The Radiohead Burn The Witch music video uses stop motion to tell a story influenced by the style of British children TV Trumptonshire trilogy Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley and the plot of the 1973 horror film The Wicker Man. A visitor to the village, hosted by the mayor, discovers a sinister cult in a seemingly normal community. Everywhere the inspector goes it seems the residents have become obsessed with public execution and deathly rituals, with installations featuring the Iona cross, the painted plague cross, the witch dunking stool, a grisly beef wellington pastry, death by sword, a floral gallows. The mayor and the inspector visit Jobe’s tomato farm. Finally the inspector finds himself trapped in the burning Wicker Man, the ultimate sacrifice for a village reliant on cropping success.

Radiohead Burn The Witch Wicker Man

Knorr Love at First Taste

Knorr, the US-German food brand, is attracting viral attention with “Love At First Taste”, a filmed experiment in which strangers matched only by flavour meet for a surprisingly intimate first date. To make the dates even more intense, when the contestants meet for dinner they are told that they can only eat by feeding each other. The resulting interactions were filmed by director Tatia Pilieva and cinematographer Andre Lascaris, the team behind Wren’s viral sensation ‘First Kiss’ and Showtime promo “Undress Me“. Behind the Knorr Love at First Taste film is the online Knorr Flavour Quiz, providing profiles for deep sea dreamer, earthy idealist, gracious grazer, meaty warrior, melty indulger, mustard maverick, roasted romantic, salty adventurer, spicy rebel, sweet seeker, or tangy dynamo.

Knorr Love at First Taste

Samsung Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories

Samsung Electronics is road testing Samsung Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories, a virtual reality story environment where parents and children can see and interact with each other for an immersive, shared experience. This prototype technology developed by Samsung is being tested with select families across the UK to establish the benefits virtual storytelling can give to families who cannot always be in the same place for a bedtime story. Using a Gear VR headset, VR and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, parents will be able to tell their children a bedtime story like no other with both parent and child transported to far flung worlds and galaxies, interacting with dinosaurs, arctic animals and robots. However far apart they are, parents will be able to share that all-important bedtime story with their child, using VR technology to connect them in the same virtual world. The child will even hear their parent reciting the story and be able to interact with their parent as though they are in the same room, whilst also getting the benefit of VR technology immersing them in an exciting world that will capture their imagination.

Samsung Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories