Canal+ Being The Bear

Canal+ interactive campaign “Being the Bear” has picked up awards at The Webby Awards and The Golden Award of Montreux. Launched in June 2014, the interactive experience takes viewers behind the scenes of the hugely popular Canal+ The Bear film, allowing them to take on the role of director Paul Bearman. Users can direct their cast by voice (or by keyboard) via a voice recognition system. They can direct the scene in a variety of film genres, such as comedy, horror…or even porno. The cast respond instantly and enact the scenes. A konami code also allows users to trigger the famous tantrums of Paul Bearman and his famous catchphrase “I don’t give a shit”, triggering widespread panic on the set! This interactive spot is available on all screens: computers, laptops, mobile phones. The campaign won Best Use of Video or Moving Image at the Webbys, and Best Use Of Digital Media at The Golden Award of Montreux.

Canal+ Being The Bear

Fashion Unites Against Child Labour

“Imprisoned Children” (Crianças Aprisionadas), a print advertising campaign from Abrinq Foundation – Save the Children in Brazil, shows how child labor, often related to the fashion market, is closer to people than you think. Lew’Lara\TBWA invited some of Brazil’s leading fashion photographers, professionals working with major international brands in the world and fashion models to participate in the campaign. Each ad shows a picture that could be used for any advertising piece fashion brand, but when we see the detail, we notice a hidden child trapped inside the clothing.

Imprisoned Child Black & White Dress

Wells Fargo Together

Wells Fargo is running “Sign Language”, a commercial featuring a lesbian couple preparing to adopt a young deaf child, as part of a broad integrated advertising campaign with the tagline, “Together We’ll Go Far”. The storytelling campaign is designed to convey Wells Fargo’s appreciation of the many reasons why people work, and resonates with consumers by connecting at an emotional level. Other campaign elements include radio, print, in-store, ATM, online and digital. Wells Fargo will also invite social media fans and followers to use the hashtag #WhyIWork and share stories about what motivates them – be it to start a family, to start a company, to have more time to volunteer or mentor, or to have the financial resources to care for their loved ones.

Wells Fargo Learning Sign Language

Vangardist Cover Infused with HIV-Positive Blood

Vangardist magazine, a leading German men’s monthly, has invited its readers to take a hands-on approach to end the social stigma surrounding HIV by printing a special edition using ink infused with HIV-positive blood. The magazine, which has been produced to coincide with one of the biggest annual AIDS charity events in the world, Life Ball – which takes place at Vienna City Hall on the 16th of May in Vangardist’s home town of Vienna, aims to help affected people in an unconventional way and to fight against the taboo status of HIV/AIDS in society. Three individuals with the virus donated blood for the project and the 3,000 copies of the magazine were wrapped in plastic with a powerful message instructing readers to, ‘Break the seal, help break the stigma.’

Vangardist Front Cover with HIV infused blood

Ideas For Action Appeal to Cannes

Jeroninio Almeida, founding director of iCONGO, Indian Confederation of NGOs, has released “Ideas For Action”, a film challenging the advertising industry’s fixation on award-winning social responsibility campaigns. In 2003 Almeida and associated started the #‎Page3 and #‎FTVstyle campaign to sensitize journalists and media about paying attention to real issues and not just socialites. This year they endeavour to influence the #‎Cannes #‎LionsAward organisers to have festivals and awards more often so that advertising folks create public service campaigns with the right intent and more #‎sensitivity for social issues throughout the year.

Ideas for Action Appeal to Cannes