How to dock like a boss in Norway

AV-OG-TIL, a Norwegian organisation focused on the development of alcohol-free zones, has commissioned what has turned out to be a global hit, “How to dock like a boss”. The commercial shows a couple enjoying a glass of wine while out in their boat with their children. While they smirk at the eccentric boatsman who docks his boat with style and precision, they struggle to bring their own boat in accurately. Docking is an art form best practiced sober.

How To Dock Like A Boss

Lloyds By Your Side for 250 Years

Lloyds Bank has launched a campaign featuring its iconic black horse to mark the bank’s role in supporting customers through 250 years of an ever changing Britain. At the heart of the campaign is a 90 second and 60 second film depicting the strength and support of horses in everyday situations from the year the bank was founded in 1765 to the present day. It opens on a stable in the 18th Century where a black foal takes its first steps, moving to a horse helping a farming couple plough their field in a pre-mechanised economy, through to a scene depicting the last horse drawn RNLI lifeboat in Wells (where this scene was shot), cuts to a horse drawn carriage at an 80s wedding, before ending on a British Para Show Jumper, Susi Rogers Hartley, cantering through a forest. In each scene of ‘Horse Story’, the black horses – the iconic symbol within the brand’s logo – put people first, demonstrating Lloyds’ core values of loyalty, trust and service.

Lloyds Black Horses with lifeboat

Brand LoveWins Responses to SCOTUS

A wide range of American companies has joined in the #LoveWins Twitter response to the June 27 decision of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) 5-4 decision to legalise marriage equality throughout the United States. Leading the online celebration are Barack Obama with two tweets, and The White House, with a photograph of the White House lit up in rainbow colours. The Twitter hashtag, #LoveWins, was used to connect brands with the marriage equality cause, while many Twitter logos were given a rainbow treatment. Marketers in many cases would have been ready with design prepared for Pride celebrations in the USA.

The White House Rainbow Colors

Dominos Emoji Ordering wins Titanium

Domino’s in the USA has won the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2015, in recognition of the recently established “Emoji Ordering” campaign. Launch in May 2015, the service involves customers initiating an order by sending either the Pizza emoji or #EasyOrder to @DominosPizza. To make this work users begin by registering a Pizza Profile at, placing an order and saving it as an easy order and associating it with a Twitter name. Once the emoji has been posted and confirmed via direct message, the pizza is sent to the registered address. Domino’s in June 2015 has made it possible to use the same process through text messages.

Order Domino's with a tweet

Shot on an iPhone 6 in Apple World Gallery

Apple’s “Shot on an iPhone 6″ photography and film campaign, winner of the Outdoor Grand Prix award at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, features media taken on an iPhone 6 by 77 photographers, in 70 cities and 24 countries. Photos and films, curated online at the Apple World Gallery, are being promoted on print media, transit posters and billboards across the world. The international billboard campaign was designed by TBWA\Media Arts Lab to show that the iPhone 6 can take high quality photographs.

Shot on an iPhone 6 - Hattan Ahmed billboard