iPhone 7 Practically Magic with Balloons

Apple is promoting the iPhone 7’s new features with “Practically Magic”, an advertising campaign centered on television commercials with remarkable cinematography. “Midnight” shows a young man on a skateboard capturing the night life of Los Angeles, moths, lawn sprinklers, a deer, courtesy of the iPhone 7’s low-light camera capacity. “Morning ride” features a cyclist preparing to brave the storms outside his home, with his water resistant iPhone 7 attached to the front of his bike. “Balloons” promotes the iOS 10 expressive messages feature. Reminiscent of Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 short film “The Red Balloon”, the iPhone 7 Balloons commercial shows a helium-filled balloon joining others for a journey through forests, oceans and cities to deliver a message. The iPhone 7 Practically Magic campaign was launched on prime time television in the US during coverage of the 2016 Emmy Awards.

Balloons in iPhone 7 Practically Magic commercial

Sony Bravia Balloons and Glitter

Sony has launched a new advertising campaign which showcases the incredible picture quality of its new range of Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR TVs. Shot in 4K, the Sony Bravia Balloons ad brings to life a forgotten, derelict casino in Constanta, Romania, using 4000 balloons and over 1500 KG of glitter in the visually enchanting setting. Opening with a single white balloon entering an empty building, the casino gradually fills with balloons and mesmerises onlookers before the balloons explode in a cacophony of colour as glitter cascades around the casino. By using a combination of different shooting methods and angles, the Sony Bravia Ballons ad sets out to capture the brilliance and beauty of 4K HDR through the juxtaposition of pure white balloons and the glorious colour of the glitter, culminating in a stunning explosive climax.

Sony Bravia Balloons and Glitter

Tecate Beer Wall paid for by Mexico

Tecate, the Mexican beer brand, is running Tecate Beer Wall, an advertising campaign spinning off Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between Mexico and the USA. The Wall, a commercial filmed just outside the border town of Tecate, begins with establishing shots which give the impression of a towering structure running in either direction for miles. All is revealed though when we’re shown two groups of young men, bicultural Hispanics from the USA and Mexicans from Mexico, coming together to share a Tecate Light beer. Media placement on Fox News, Univision and Telemundo television channels was timed to coincide with the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on September 26. Tecate Beer Wall is part of the Born Bold campaign which features the brand’s iconic Black Eagle.

Tecate Beer Wall

Audi Duel – Presidential Debate

Audi USA has provided a dramatic take on the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential elections with “Duel”, a commercial released to coincide with the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A very physical fight between two hotel valets rolls out in reverse, before revealing the nature of their rivalry, the desire to drive a new Audi RS 7. Easter eggs in the Audi Duel commercial include elephant and donkey ice sculptures, a Presidential Tower, a mobile phone with classified emails, a dossier of classified documents, a copy of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The Audi Duel ad concludes with the call to action: “Beautiful things are worth fighting for. Choose the next driver wisely.”

Audi Duel

Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix awards

Samsung Thailand won three Grand Prix awards, for design, healthcare, innovation. DB New Zealand’s Brewtroleum won three Grand Prix awards for Direct, Outdoor, Promo and Activation. Burger King’s McWhopper campaign won two Grand Prix awards for Direct, Print and Publishing. Western Sydney University’s Deng Thiat Adut commercial won two Grand Prix awards for Film and Music. Snickers Hungerithm campaign won two Grand Prix awards for Media and Mobile. Leo Burnett Melbourne won the Grand Prix for Good for Headspace’s Reword campaign. The 2016 Advertiser of the Year goes to Mars, Incorporated. Agency of the year awards go to Colenso BBDO, Auckland, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (2nd) and Dentsu Inc., Tokyo (3rd). Independent agency of the year awards go to Party, Tokyo, Fred & Farid Shanghai (2nd), and Enjin, Tokyo (3rd). Media agency of the year goes to Starcom, Melbourne, Mediacom New Zealand, Auckland (2nd), and PHD, Auckland (3rd). Network of the Year goes to BBDO, Y&R (2nd) and Leo Burnett (3rd). The Palm Award, for film production, goes to Finch, Australia, Guilty Content, Australia (2nd) and Revolver/Will O’Rourke, Australia (3rd).

Spikes Asia 2016