M&S Paddington Bear and the Christmas Visitor

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is running a tie-in advertising campaign featuring Paddington Bear for Christmas 2017. At the heart of the campaign is a television commercial, “Paddington and the Christmas Visitor”, in which Paddington unwittingly saves Christmas for his friends and neighbours. It’s Christmas Eve at Windsor Gardens and Paddington is fast asleep. However, his dreams of marmalade are interrupted by a loud thud on the roof. Upon investigation, he stumbles upon a burglar and despite the burglar’s protests that he is “not Santa” the determined and good-natured bear begins to ‘help’ him deliver the presents back to where they belong. Seeing the good in everyone, Paddington innocently helps the burglar see the error of his ways and as they place presents into personalised stockings and pause for mince pies, he unknowingly averts a crisis and ensures a truly special moment for neighbour Alice, and a happy Christmas for all.

Paddington Bear in M&S Christmas 2017 commercial

John Lewis Moz the Monster at Christmas 2017

John Lewis, the UK department store chain, its 2017 Christmas advertising campaign, “Moz The Monster”. Set to a cover version of The Beatles’ song ‘Golden Slumbers’, recorded by British band Elbow, the two minute advert tells a heartwarming story of a little boy called Joe, who is kept awake by a 7ft imaginary Monster called Moz who is living under his bed. The two form a friendship and play together every evening, but staying awake through the night starts to take its toll on Joe, who can hardly keep his eyes open during the day. For Christmas, Joe receives the perfect gift of a night light which helps him finally get some peace and quiet from Moz, and a good night’s sleep. Just as you think the ad has come to a close, Joe turns the light back off and hears the familiar rumblings of his friend and is reminded that he can bring Moz back any time he thinks of him.

John Lewis Moz The Monster

Uber Boxes campaign to unlock cities

Uber is highlighting the absurdity of the traffic situation in Asia’s biggest cities as part of its first ever brand purpose campaign. Using cardboard boxes to represent cars, the film humorously shows the reality of how people get around currently and ends with images of a city being overrun by boxes. The film was shot on the streets of Bangkok with around 200 extras. The Uber boxes commercial was filmed in Bangkok with 200 extras, set to the track “Bare Necessities” from the 1967 Disney film The Jungle Book. The film is a reminder of just how serious the traffic crisis enveloping our cities is becoming. Uber-commissioned research show that people in Asia are stuck in congestion for 52 minutes every day, in addition to the 26 minutes they spend trying to find parking spots. Forty three percent of millennials are considering getting rid of their cars all together.

Uber Boxes commercial

ASDA Best Christmas Ever

Asda has launched its 2017 festive campaign, “Best. Christmas. Ever.”. “Imaginarium”, the commercial at the heart of the Asda Best Christmas Ever campaign, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glance into the magical world where Asda Christmas treats are created. Set to the iconic track ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac, the 60” TVC follows a young girl and her grandfather, who sneak into the Christmas Asda headquarters, the Imaginarium, revealing the secrets behind the iconic seasonal ranges and products available in store this festive season. As we follow their journey through weird and wonderful rooms, we discover magical machines, enchanting experiments and the imaginative ways in which Asda will ensure the Best. Christmas. Ever.: from reindeers powering a ginormous food mixer to make Christmas puddings, to canapés and mince pies being assembled by tiny Asda Imaginarium workers, and Christmas Smash Igloo cakes being tested by strapping weightlifters – the ranges offer creativity, innovation and quality. A captivating place with a surprise in every corner – a giant pop-up Christmas cookbook snaps opens to reveal two real life Asda chefs preparing the iconic Christmas meal of roast turkey with all the trimmings, including this year’s special Wagyu dripping roast potatoes. We also catch a glimpse into a futuristic gin room where truffles are being infused with gin by a giant ‘gin laser’. Their expedition comes to its fruition when Walter, the factory’s security guard shows them what other adventures lie in store for them, revealing the whole of the Imaginarium in all its glory.

Asda Best Christmas Ever commercial

Tile Lost Panda found in city

Tile, the Bluetooth-enabled tracking system, is running “Lost Panda”, an integrated advertising campaign featuring Ernie, a soft toy separated from his owner, Lucy. The stuffed panda finds his way back home with the help and kindness of strangers, a reference to the network of Tile users and the tag line, “Together we find”. The story is inspired by an actual Tile customer, a young girl who lost her stuffed animal in a busy city, only to be reunited later with the help of the Tile community. The campaign includes 60 second, 30 second and 15 second formats on TV, and a full-length short film online. Lucy explains the way Tile works in an online video. The campaign was launched with social media featuring lost panda posters in San Francisco and New York: “Lost panda. Black and white. 15” tall. Wearing a sweater vest. His name is Ernie, but he doesn’t answer to it. Has a Tile in his pocket. Have you seen him?”. Tile will release a book featuring Ernie the lost panda, inspired by customers’ seek-and-find tales.

Tile Lost Panda