Everyone Speaks Food at Small World

Small World, Google Translate’s free pop up restaurant in New York, features in #EveryoneSpeaksFood, a short film highlighting tasty dishes inspired by dozens of global cultures, artfully prepared by a cadre of 18 acclaimed chefs. The film piques interest in a pop up café featuring menus in multiple languages (necessitating diner’s use of Google Translate), and meals incorporating dishes from cuisines as far flung as Israel, Korea, Italy, Sweden and Ireland. Everyone speaks food.

Small World Everyone Speaks Food

MTV Video Music Awards 2016

MTV has released the nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards 2016 with a live Facebook announcement, connected with a panoramic mural at First Street Green Art Park in New York’s East Village. The Video of the Year nominees are presented with a wall each: Adele (“Hello”), Beyoncé (“Formation”), Drake (“Hotline Bling”), Justin Bieber (“Sorry”) and Kanye West (“Famous”). Other categories are presented alongside. The mural was created by artists John Paul Ogrodnick and BD White (Drake), Damien Mitchell (Kanye West), Marc Evan (Adele), Resa (Justin Bieber), BKFoxx (Beyonce), @nyc_graffhead, Queen Andrea, Hektad, Giz (Hip Hop), Such and Poem One. Beyoncé has 11 nominations, including Video of the Year for “Formation” and the newest VMA category, Breakthrough Long Form Video, for her groundbreaking HBO special Lemonade. The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

MTV MVA Video of the Year mural

Esso Journeys That Matter – Sophie

Esso, the Exon fuel brand, has launched “Sophie”, a moving commercial at the centre of a major European brand campaign, “Journeys That Matter”. The new film follows Sophie’s journey as she travels through Europe to revisit an old flame. Along the way Sophie deals with a flat tire, a tree across the road and snow storms, picking up hitchhikers and hanging out with truckers, trying out an arcade video game. Finally she reaches her destination to find the man she’s been missing for 43 years. The film broke online and on video-on-demand in the UK on 19th July and will also run in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Esso Journeys That Matter ad is supported by an integrated media campaign ranging from outdoor, press, digital display to forecourt POS.

Esso Journeys That Matter - Sophie

Gatorade Boy who learned to fly – Usain Bolt

Gatorade is running “The Boy who learned to fly”, an animated short film exploring the life of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt in anticipation of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 7:10 minute film begins with a young Bolt running through the streets of Trelawny, Jamaica in efforts to arrive at school in time. He’s discovered by his track and field coach when he races an older student in an effort to win his lunch. Usain’s early success as a boy was overshadowed by fear of losing. His mother’s encouragement to “keep it light” and let his joyful personality shine through helped Bolt overcome his fears. He overcomes his fears and the pressures of performance to ultimately become the fastest man in the world.

Gatorade Boy who learned to fly - Usain Bolt

Samsung Olympics Anthem

Samsung has launched “The Anthem”, an inspiring Rio Olympics commercial combining segments of national anthems from several countries to form one anthem brought to life by athletes and fans across the globe. The Samsung Olympics Anthem opens with a young girl from Australia singing a line of “Fatshe leno la rona”, the Botswana national anthem, into a Samsung Galaxy S7edge. Throughout the ad, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone travels to all corners of the world, capturing and sharing the voices of fans and athletes around the globe as they sing lines from other national anthems. Each line follows seamlessly to form a brand new anthem, giving viewers a glimpse of how Samsung innovative mobile products and technologies can help to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through deep, borderless connections.

Samsung Olympics Anthem - Rio