Portonave Hourglass for World Water Day

Brazilian maritime company Portonave, handling containers in Santa Catarina, is running an awareness raising campaign associated with World Water Day, Sunday, March 22. The campaign uses an hourglass to alert employees and visitors of the importance of responsible use of water. “Muito de agua que voce desperdiça não volta mais. Use cada gota com consciência. Ela não vai fazer fálta só no futura já faz falta agora. E para você mesmo. Dia Mundial da Água”. Water is presented as a finite resource that can end when irresponsibly allowed to go down the drain. Creative director Luiz Dias explains the thinking behind the campaign. “The hourglass reinforces the warning that something needs to be done quickly, that the water problem is not a problem for future generations. It is for now. It is a problem of our time.”

Portonave World Water Day hourglass

UnitedHealthcare Medical Codes

UnitedHealthCare is celebrating the thousands of ways people can make their way into the complex health system with an advertising campaign developed at Leo Burnett Chicago. Three commercials, “Our Song”, “The Lamp Post” and “Crowd Surfing” present dancing, texting and walking, crowd surfing as medical codes worthy of mention. Online content on Twitter and Facebook continues the theme, with a range of entertaining medical codes. The message? There are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. And UnitedHealthcare can help make the system easier to navigate.

UnitedHealthCare Running Bear medical code

H2O Challenge on Twitter

UNICEF France is marking World Water Day, March 22, with the “H2O Challenge”, an interactive campaign centred on Twitter. Twitter users are encouraged to extract H, 2 and O from their tweets, and donate funds to the provision of water for children in Togo. Launched in association with the Night of Water, the campaign is online at, supported online by UNICEF representatives, volunteers, companies, journalists, influencers, politicians, opinion leaders.

H2O Challenge diagram

The Label Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Rethink Canada in Vancouver has helped Canadian Fair Trade Network draw attention to the people around the world working tirelessly in unsafe conditions, by adding their stories to clothing labels. The long labels on a suit jacket, sweater and hoodie carry the tag line “The Label Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story”, and the message: “It’s time for change. Buying fair-trade ensures workers are being compensated fairly and not exposed to unsafe work conditions.”

Fair Trade End Child Labour Label Doesn't Tell The Whole Story - Suit Jacket

Optus launches Netflix with Ricky Gervais

Optus in Australia is promoting its newly launched streaming deal with Netflix with an integrated advertising campaign starring British comedian Ricky Gervais. Gervais brings his own biting sense of humour to the campaign, sitting on a couch, standing in a studio, promoting himself as much as the new media service. Gervais wrote his own lines for the campaign, giving a dig at the concept of celebrity endorsement while almost willingly taking the money.

Ricky Gervais Optus Netflix couch ad