Chemical Brothers Wide Open

British electronic music band The Chemical Brothers has launched a music video for “Wide Open”, featuring the dancing of professional dancer Sonoya Mizuno and a vocal track by Beck. Visual effects produced at the Mill make it possible for Mizuno to gradually turn into a fully 3D printed structure as she dances around the studio, mixing mechanical and organic.

Chemical Brothers Wide Open music video dancer

Michelob Breathe

Michelob ULTRA is presented as the beer brewed for those who go the extra mile in “Breathe”, a commercial launched during the 2016 Super Bowl. “Breathe” highlights the many ways that Michelob ULTRA drinkers put in the effort to live an active, balanced life. The commercial is designed to promote the idea that enjoying a beer socially and living an active life don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Michelob Breathe under water

Bud Light Party

Anheuser Busch is running “Bud Light Party”, an integrated advertising campaign timed for launch in the lead up to the 50th Super Bowl and in anticipation of the 2016 USA Presidential elections. Comedic duo Amy Schemer and Seth Rogen appear on CBS, and actor Michael Peña appears on ESPN Deportes. will celebrate bringing people together – for fun – over a beer. The Bud Light Party is the first campaign to bring to life Bud Light’s new “Raise One to Right Now” tagline, designed to provide a unique and light-hearted Bud Light perspective on timely cultural moments – starting with Super Bowl 50. Right now there is nothing more timely or talked about than the presidential election. At a time when debates get heated and “unfriending” is at an all-time high, The Bud Light Party offers something everyone can agree on. A party that invites everyone. A party that knows how to party. A party that isn’t a political party at all.

Bud Light Party

Coca Cola Hulk vs Ant Man

Coca-Cola has partnered with Marvel to launch a Super Bowl commercial featuring two super heroes: The Incredible Hulk and Ant-Man. Ant-Man, voiced by actor Paul Rudd, is caught snatching the last Coca-Cola Mini Can from the fridge in Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab. An angry Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk and pursues Ant-Man throughout the city. Cornered in an alley after a high-energy chase, Ant-Man surrenders and helps Hulk, whose fingers are too big to open the Coca-Cola Mini Can. Both savor the prize. The final line: “Sometimes you just want a little Coca-Cola”.

Coca Cola Mini commercial with Ant-Man

Snickers Marilyn Monroe or Daniel Dafoe

Snickers is running “Marilyn Monroe”, a Super Bowl commercial continuing the classic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” theme. Willem Dafoe plays a hungry version of Monroe in a recreation of the skirt scene in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch”. Comedian Eugene Levy plays the stage hand in charge of making Marilyn Monroe’s dress flap in the wind above a subway grate. The campaign includes a behind-the-scenes film and a teaser, “Happy Birthday”. After being accidentally left behind, a crew member from the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch (Eugene Levy) finds a new way to pass the time, as seen in “Twenty Questions”, “Fan Voice” and “Still There”.

Snickers Marilyn Monroe