Dell Learning Meets Doing in Fast Film

Dell is debuting its newest video in its social media-driven, “Learning Meets Doing” back-to-school marketing campaign. Titled “5-Second Filmmaker,” this two-minute online film features the fictional Marty Goldberg, an aspiring director who not only makes his films according to the “Goldberg Method” – where everything takes place in 5-second intervals – he actually lives his life this way, too.

Dell 5 Second Film Makers

Oxfam Unleashes Inner David with Syncopated Storytelling

Oxfam America is running “Be David”, an inspiring long-form PSA telling the story of Joanna Manu, a woman who stood up to mining giants in Ghana and inspired a community organising movement. Joanna attended a training session sponsored by Oxfam America and stood up against land threats and environmental hazards wrought by an open pit gold mining company. The film, connecting Joanna’s story with the Biblical story of David and Goliath, suggests that we all have inner power to influence and make change. Film production collective Wander brings a Syncopated Storytelling℠ approach, using quick cuts, graphic design, and unexpected imagery to punctuate the film’s voice-over narration with warmth and humour. Viewers are encouraged to visit oxfamamerica.org/david and find their own inner David.

Joanna Manu 2007

We don’t want you here in Israel and Palestine

Palestinian Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace also known as The Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF) is running “We Don’t Want You Here”, an online advertising campaign calling for peace. The film features Palestinian and Israeli residents who have lost a close family member to the conflict between the two nations. The PCFF operates under the principle that a process of reconciliation is a prerequisite for achieving a sustained peace.

We Don't Want You Here - Parents Circle Families Forum in Israel and Palestine

Favourite Child Detector for Modern Families

Parents will never tell you who their favorite child is. So to promote the new season of the politically incorrect comedy Modern Family on New Zealand’s Prime TV, FCB New Zealand invented a gadget that will. The Favourite Child Detector analyzes parents’ Facebook behavior – including “likes,” tags, comments and photos – to determine which child they favor. To test where you rank with your parents, or to test which child you as a parent prefer on Facebook, visit favouritechilddetector.com. The device can test almost anyone – your friends, colleagues, even your dog. Remember, these are modern families we’re talking about.

Favourite Child Detector site

Amnesty Send a Kiss

Amnesty International in Hungary has launched “Kiss Against Homophobia”, (Szabad A Csók) an online campaign designed to raise support for the notion that everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation has the right to love anybody of any sex. Visitors to the Amnesty Send a Kiss campaign website, kissagainsthomophobia.com and szabadacsok.hu are invited to upload a puckering side-profile photograph. Pictures are randomly paired with other uploaded images showing someone of the same sex, as if the two were kissing.

Amnesty Send a Kiss