KENZO World The New Fragrance

Film director Spike Jonze and choreographer Ryan Heffington have worked with actress and dancer Margaret Qualley (Jill Garvey in HBO series The Leftovers) to produce a bizarre playful commercial, “Kenzo World”. Set to “Mutant Brain”, a track by Sam Spiegel (Spike’s brother) and Ape Drums, the KENZO World commercial shows Margaret leaving a deadly boring black tie awards presentation to let loose in the lobby of Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles. Margaret’s quirky dance moves include shooting laser beams from her fingers and an interaction with a sculpture, culminating in a dive through the KENZO World iconic petaled eye. Spike’s Fat Boy Slim Weapon of Choice music video featuring Christopher Walken meets Ryan Heffington’s music video for Sia’s Chandelier featuring Maddie Ziegler.

KENZO World commercial featuring Margaret Qualley

Bonds Think of Fathers in post natal times

Bonds in Australia is marking Fathers Day 2016 with an advertising campaign recognising the endurance required of not only post natal mothers, but also post natal dads. A tongue in cheek film features a post natal support group for dads who reflect on the impact birth has had on their dad’s bods. Print ads present the same guys in their undies, reflecting on cravings, getting up for a feed, changed body shape and increased weight. The Bonds Think of Fathers campaign encourages everyone to ‘Think of Fathers’ and buy their dads some comfy undies for Sunday, September 4.

Bonds Think of Fathers commercial

Beyoncé Formation in New Orleans

Beyoncé’s music video for Formation, released in February 2016, has won the Music Video of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards, along with Best Pop Video, Best Choreography, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Editing. The Beyoncé Formation music video connects the pop star with the struggles of African Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 4:30 minute video opens with Beyoncé casually draped on top of a police car, with a voiceover by New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia asking the question, “What happened in New Orleans?”, a reference to the US Government’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Footage from local film artists is interspersed with choreographed scenes shot in Feynes Estate in Pasadena.

Beyoncé Formation music video

Tiger Beer Air-­Ink Made from Pollution

Tiger Beer is sponsoring Air‐Ink, an innovative range of pens, markers and spray cans made from recycled air pollution. Graviky Labs, Bangalore, an off-shoot of MIT Media Lab, Boston, spent three years designing unique devices to capture soot from vehicles’ exhausts. These were fitted to trucks, ferries, chimneys and even cranes around Hong Kong and India. The captured pollutants were then purified and turned into safe, reliable ink for everyday use. Overall, 150 litres of Air­‐Ink has been produced, approximating to 2500 hours worth of typical diesel car emissions. With Tiger Beer’s support, Air-­Ink products were given to nine emerging Asian street artists, including Bao Ho, Caratoes, Cath Love, Xeme and Kristopher H, who used them to create spectacular murals and advertising in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong. Currently, Air-Ink is not commercially available but Tiger is working with Graviky Labs to manufacture more for future projects. The Tiger Beer Air-­Ink project, online at Air‐, is part of Tiger Beer’s mission to inspire people to ‘uncage the Tiger inside’ to take action for what they are passionate about.

Tiger Beer Air-­Ink Pen

Pokemon Go Home Posters Appear

A team of creatives has launched a guerrilla poster campaign in the UK using the #PokemonGoHome theme to raise support for EU citizens in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote. The Pokemon Go Home posters across London present a disturbing scenario in which Pokemon characters from the Pokemon Go game are soon to be deported. Readers are invited to follow up their concern at and sign a petition to the UK government. Copywriter David Felton came up with the idea while talking to a Portugese art director who confessed that he is “genuinely worried and concerned about this future post-Brexit.” Felton connected with graphic designer and web developer Steve Sinyard on @OneMinuteBriefs, and brought in creative director Evan Brown from Los Angeles.

Pokemon Go Home poster