McDonalds Emoticon City

McDonald’s France has launched “Emoticon City”, an expression of the “Come as You Are” (Venez Commes Vous Etes) advertising campaign first launched in 2008. The new commercial, and corresponding print and outdoor elements, focuses on the many emotions experienced by McDonalds customers. Whether you are happy, sad, stressed or excited, you are always welcome at McDonald’s. The commercial, shot in a small town in France over two days, shows people wearing big yellow heads, creating a living world of emoticons.

McDonalds Kissing Couple Emoticons

Heart Disease is Heartless

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has launched “Heart disease is heartless”, an integrated brand campaign focusing on the sudden and unexpected devastation of families affected by heart disease. At the centre of the integrated campaign is “Classroom”, a poignant, emotional film in which a boy, Ben, is visited by his father during a routine lesson. Father and son have an emotional, whispered exchange before the Ben’s dad says his final goodbye. A range of online videos and case studies take the campaign further, raising awareness of the importance of research and timely intervention.

British Heart Foundation Classroom commercial Heart Disease is Heartless

DB Export Brewtroleum Saving The World

Seven weeks ago, DB Export, Colenso BBDO and Gull launched DB Export Brewtroleum – a clean-burning biofuel made from the yeast leftover after they finish brewing beer. Since then, a nation of men have rallied to the planet’s defence, selflessly committing themselves to drinking DB Export. While everyone wants to help Mother Nature, not everyone can drink full-strength beer, so the brewery has created DB Export 0.0% Citrus – a refreshing lager with 0.0% alcohol and natural lemon juice. Its 0.0% alcohol content means that now anyone can help contribute to the production of the planet-saving biofuel. “The World’s Still Here”, the latest commercial in the campaign, calls on men to drink DB Export in order to save the entire world.

DB Export Citrus pilot

Fiber One Don’t Fight Your Instincts

General Mills is promoting the Fiber One cereal and snack brand with “Don’t Fight Your Instincts”, an advertising campaign featuring apex predators, lions and sharks. Two lionesses try to fight their hunger instincts, resisting the urge to splurge on pink flamingos or a hippo. Steve, a male white shark, is reminded by a female to resist the urge to snack on dessert after a significant human-shaped lunch. The ads encourage to indulge in chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheese cakes.

Fiber One Lionesses

John Lewis Tiny Dancer

John Lewis has launched “Tiny Dancer”, an advert in which Bunny May, a young girl with a passion for dance, has a series of potential tiny mishaps as she pirouettes through the house. The idea of letting life happen plays out through the parents being relaxed enough to let their daughter follow her passion without having to worry about potential accidental breakages. After all they can be safe in the knowledge that they have John Lewis Insurance in place. The campaign is linked with an online platform,, taking visitors behind the scenes on the casting and filming of the commercial, a brief bio for Bunny May, information on Elton John’s track Tiny Dancer.

John Lewis Tiny Dancer