Audi Duel – Presidential Debate

Audi USA has provided a dramatic take on the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential elections with “Duel”, a commercial released to coincide with the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A very physical fight between two hotel valets rolls out in reverse, before revealing the nature of their rivalry, the desire to drive a new Audi RS 7. Easter eggs in the Audi Duel commercial include elephant and donkey ice sculptures, a Presidential Tower, a mobile phone with classified emails, a dossier of classified documents, a copy of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The Audi Duel ad concludes with the call to action: “Beautiful things are worth fighting for. Choose the next driver wisely.”

Audi Duel

Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix awards

Samsung Thailand won three Grand Prix awards, for design, healthcare, innovation. DB New Zealand’s Brewtroleum won three Grand Prix awards for Direct, Outdoor, Promo and Activation. Burger King’s McWhopper campaign won two Grand Prix awards for Direct, Print and Publishing. Western Sydney University’s Deng Thiat Adut commercial won two Grand Prix awards for Film and Music. Snickers Hungerithm campaign won two Grand Prix awards for Media and Mobile. Leo Burnett Melbourne won the Grand Prix for Good for Headspace’s Reword campaign. The 2016 Advertiser of the Year goes to Mars, Incorporated. Agency of the year awards go to Colenso BBDO, Auckland, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (2nd) and Dentsu Inc., Tokyo (3rd). Independent agency of the year awards go to Party, Tokyo, Fred & Farid Shanghai (2nd), and Enjin, Tokyo (3rd). Media agency of the year goes to Starcom, Melbourne, Mediacom New Zealand, Auckland (2nd), and PHD, Auckland (3rd). Network of the Year goes to BBDO, Y&R (2nd) and Leo Burnett (3rd). The Palm Award, for film production, goes to Finch, Australia, Guilty Content, Australia (2nd) and Revolver/Will O’Rourke, Australia (3rd).

Spikes Asia 2016

Samsung Touchable Ink

Samsung and Thailand Association of the Blind have worked with a chemistry professor at Thammasat University to develop Touchable Ink, a project in which laser printers are able to print braille-embossed documents. The Touchable Ink, still in its early days, involves a chemical process to adding embossing powder to the laser printing ink. Users just replace their ink cartridge with the Touchable Ink cartridge, change the selected document to braille font type, print out and heat it with normal household heating devices like microwave or hair dryer. This special ink will dilate and give an embossed effect, just like it’s printed out from the braille embosser. The project, promoted as part of Samsung’s approach to accelerating discoveries and possibilities, has won Grand Prix awards for Design, Healthcare and Innovation at Spikes Asia 2016.

Samsung Touchable Ink

Western Sydney University Unlimited Graduates

Western Sydney University’s commercial featuring graduate Deng Thiak Adut, has won the Film Grand Prix and Music Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia Awards held in Singapore. From a child soldier in the Sudanese Civil war to becoming a leading member of the Sudanese community and refugee lawyer in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Deng Adut’s story is a phenomenal achievement of one man’s dedication to helping others less fortunate in the face of great adversity. Dang Adut’s story sits alongside that of Melissa Chiu and Jay Manley in the Western Sydney University Unlimited campaign focused on unlocking human potential. The three commercials together celebrate triumph against the odds; winning when the mainstream says it’s impossible; victory that is sweeter because it’s tougher to achieve. The campaign links viewers to the Western Sydney University Unlimited site: westernsydney.edu.au/unlimited where they can explore options for study and career.

Western Sydney University Unlimited - Deng Adut

Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline

Qualcomm’s short film, Lifeline, has won the Entertainment Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia 2016 awards held in Singapore. The 30 minute Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline film is a product demo disguised as a psychological thriller. Kai, a young Chinese man who is the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, wakes up in Shanghai one morning to discover that his true love, an American woman named Emma, has vanished without a trace. Confused and distraught Kai fears she has left him until he receives a mysterious package containing Emma’s phone. Over the subsequent 30 minutes Kai must use Emma’s phone (and many of its differentiated features) to figure out what has happened to Emma, who she really is and get to the bottom of both their relationship and her disappearance. Along the way he will be forced to question his beliefs, his family and his love for Emma.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline short film