Bud Light Real Life PacMan

Bud Light’s Super Bowl advertising in 2015 includes “Real Life PacMan”, a commercial promoting the “Up For Whatever” theme. An everyday Bud Light fan, agreeing to be “Up for Whatever”, find himself as a contestant in a huge PacMan arena. His challenge is to run through the 1980s style maze before being attacked by Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Music for the life size PacMan game is provided by DJs Michael Mayeda, theBENJAMINrice and DJWS with beatboxer krNfx.

Bud Light PacMan

As You Dreamt It in Woodville

Sydney advertising agency BMF has worked with ABC to produce a documentary on As You Dreamt It Woodville, a creative community development project centred in Sydney. The original As You Dreamt It project, run in 2012, was a passion project designed to connect a fractured housing estate by turning the residents recurring dreams into pieces of art. More recently BMF employees came across Woodville Housing, a housing estate in Western Sydney called Woodville Housing, where a few years ago its doors were opened to ninety residents from all corners of the world. Many of them being political refugees, they all had a story to tell. However, like many housing complexes, there was little to connect this diverse group and little sense of community. Collaborating with a mix of artists, the residents shared an intimate piece of themselves – their recurring dreams. Partnered up with photographers, painters, animators and illustrators, their dreams were turned into pieces of art that were exhibited on the walls of the complex. A way to give the residents newfound insight into their neighbours and help transform this housing estate into a housing community. The project is online at, with Facebook and Twitter accounts continuing from the 2012 experiment.

As You Dream It

Hyundai i20 Inspiration Engineered

Hyundai UK is promoting the New Generation Hyundai i20 with “Open Your Eyes to Inspiration”, the latest in the “Inspiration Engineered” advertising campaign focused on creativity in the driving environment. Visual trickery combines street art and seasonal variety to provide a sense of delight in driving. “The great thing about inspiration is that once you open your eyes to it, you see it everywhere.” The Inspiration Engineered campaign was introduced in 2014 to promote engineering innovation used in the Hyundai ix35, i10 and i30 models.

Hyundai Inspiration Engineered i20 commercial

Dove Love Your Curls

Dove Hair has launched “Love Your Curls”, an advertising campaign encouraging women to celebrate, love and take pride in their curly hair. The film at the centre of the campaign weaves together stories illustrating the relationship young girls have with their curls. As little girls, many struggle to accept their curls and wish they could change their curly hair to straight. The film reveals that if women with curly hair begin to celebrate all the things they love about their curls, young girls will be inspired to do the same. Dove Hair found that little girls are seven times more likely to love their curls if people around them do.

Dove Hair Curls Mother and Daughter

Snickers Brady Bunch at Super Bowl

SNICKERS has launched a “very Brady” teaser as a way to whet viewers’ appetite for the brand’s upcoming Super Bowl ad. Starring actor Danny Trejo sitting in for Marcia Brady, the commercial is the latest in the Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” series. SNICKERS launched its award-winning “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign in 2010 with a commercial featuring Betty White. The spot was voted the most popular in the game in YouTube’s AdBlitz poll. SNICKERS is giving consumers the power to help reveal the full commercial prior to the game. If consumers generate 2.5 million social media engagements before kick-off on February 1, Snickers will release the full 30-second spot on the SNICKERS YouTube channel. The campaign is being promoted in New York with an evolving billboard transforming a photo of Marcia Brady into Trejo’s face.

Snickers Brady Bunch