Nike Women Better For It

Nike is running “Better For It”, an advertising campaign designed to inspire women to be active, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals. At the heart of the campaign are the #betterforit hashtag and a series of short films in which women reveal their inner thoughts as they push themselves further, whether it’s a personal best in their latest marathon or a weekend run. The #betterforit movement includes insights from top athletes including world champion sprinter and four-time gold medalist Allyson Felix. Athletes like Felix embody #betterforit shown through their goal setting mentality and accomplishments in training and competition.

Nike Women - Better For It commercial

There’s Virgin Money

Virgin Money is running an integrated advertising campaign in the UK with the tag line, “There’s Money, and there’s Virgin Money”. The first commercial in the campaign showed a pigeon dancing to the 1979 ska hit “On My Radio” by The Selecter. The second commercial shows a tortoise skateboarding to the sounds of “Tick Tick Boom”, the 2007 hit by The Hives. A series of press ads presents a squirrel in a super-hero cape, a goat with a moustache, a guide dog with an Elvis quiff and a sloth lounging in an armchair – contrasting them with their more ordinary counterparts. The campaign celebrates Virgin Money’s brand differences, representing the bank as a better, bolder way for customers to manage their finances.

Virgin Money Tortoise

Gillette Avengers Innovation

Gillette, the P&G shaving brand, is running an advertising campaign tying in the May 1 release of the Marvel film, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Two online films, “Innovation” and “Aftermath” present four prototype fantasy razors connected with the characters of Iron Man (Repulsor 1), Thor (Gillette Thunder), Captain America (Gillette Ultrastrike), Bruce Banner/Hulk (Gillette XL Gamma). A promotional gathering at Gillette’s Boston headquarters brought in Stan Lee to meet up with Stark Industries research and development director Stew Taub as he revealed the new line, along with Gillette’s genuine Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. Gillette has hung a giant “Stark Industries” sign outside their headquarters to solidify the promotional partnership.

Gillette Avengers Razors

Netflix Better Call Saul in Paris

Netflix has launched the Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, in the French market, with an on-the-ground stunt for a man who is above the law. The challenge was to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the promotion of the anticipated Netflix show in France. The agency’s way in? Introducing to the French people the main attraction of the show, Saul Goodman. Ogilvy created a huge billboard that flaunted, none other than his truly, Saul, made from the very pages of the criminal code bible he so cleverly manipulates his way around. “Rencontrez un avocat au-dessut des lois” (Meet the lawyer above the law). The agency then hired two flat-bed trucks and went mobile with Saul’s billboard around Paris, driving in front of the Parisian law enforcing judiciary systems such as the Law Faculty, State Prison, French Parliament. If Ogilvy had gotten in trouble for the stunt, it would have called Saul.

Netflix Meet a lawyer above the law

Stihl Space Odyssey 2015

STIHL is promoting a line of outdoor power equipment in 2015, the STIHL Odyssey (2015, l’Odyssée de STIHL in France). The new 35 second film aims to demonstrate the force behind the brand’s all powerful blowers as our space hero takes an intergalactic ride all thanks to a STIHL blower. The film features the signature music from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathusa’, composed by Richard Strauss.

Stihl Odyssey