Game of Thrones The Musical

British band Coldplay lent a few hands to NBC‘s Red Nose Day US fundraising event with Game of Thrones The Musical. Cast from the HBO show gathered together at RAK Studios, London, with Chris Martin, Will Champion, Johnny Buckland and Guy Berryman in a behind-the-scenes mockumentary to build interest in the Comic Relief call to support children in need. A series of teasers led to a full 12 minutes reveal. Viewers are invited to visit the Red Nose page, donate through Red Nose US, and download the Red Nose Day app.

Game of Thrones The Musical

Genius Gluten Free Animals

Genius Foods in the UK is running an advertising campaign featuring a world of animals as round as balloons. Bloated ducks, robins and a hedgehog are shown struggling before Genius’ gluten free products appear with the strapline: “Bread shouldn’t feel like this.” The ads were directed by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow who used the same bloated concept in the trailer for the 2012 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. The Genius Gluten Free Animals ads will run on on-demand TV, YouTube and Facebook and online at

Genius Gluten Free hedgehog

Wilkinson Sword Break The Routine

Wilkinson Sword has launched “Break the Routine”, a print advertising campaign for the Hydro 5 Groomer, targeting fashion-savvy Londoners. The three ads, run in press, OOH and indoor posters, play on the mundane routine of shaving and show how Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Groomer can help try more exciting styles. The creatives behind the ads said: “Nowadays, more and more men take pride in their appearance. However, many still don’t realise the potential of shaving and grooming, for them it’s simply a daily chore. We wanted to show them how easy it is to break their shaving routine and create a multitude of new looks and styles.”

Wilkinson Sword Break The Routine - Front

Mad Max Fury Road Dusty Car Wash

Warner Brothers Pictures Canada recently promoted the launch of the film, Mad Max: Fury Road, with the Mad Max Fury Road Dusty Car Wash. In the world of Mad Max, dirt is a badge of honour. The more dust and rust on a vehicle, the better. A piece of downtown Toronto was transformed into a post-apocalyptic world, complete with scrap metal, pyrotechnics and of course, coloured smoke grenades. At the centre of all the chaos: The Dusty Car Wash. People were invited to bring in their vehicles and have them covered with dust, which became canvases for artists. These artists would then re-create imagery from the movie on each vehicle, including: skulls, flames, gears, movie quotes, and even the title and release date. Once vehicles were covered with artwork, they drove away, creating mobile billboards all around the city.

Mad Max Your Ride

BFF 3000 Miles from Hollywood

“3,000 Miles from Hollywood” is the tagline for the 2015 Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) campaign is a staunch declaration that Brooklyn and its movie-making style are both physically and philosophically as far away from Hollywood as it gets. The TV, print and social media campaign illustrates comical situational comparisons using worn-out Hollywood clichés to prove that Brooklyn is a categorically different place. The campaign encourages people to recognize the difference between making a challenging independent picture and making just another movie. Rather than showcasing the big budget, blockbuster-style films of Hollywood, BFF is a celebration of the creativity, craft and ingenuity of independent films.

BFF 3000 Miles from Hollywood