Air New Zealand Hobbits Are Back

Air New Zealand, the official airline of Middle-earth, has launched a “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”, a short film connected with the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The video features Air New Zealand staff and The Hobbit cast including Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), Dean O’Gorman (Fili the Dwarf) and Sylvester McCoy (Radagast), with cameos by Sir Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor and film director Taika Waititi (Gandalf the Brown). The safety video was shot over six days across a number of New Zealand’s Middle-earth locations, including Hobbiton and Central Otago, both of which appear in The Hobbit Trilogy.

Air New Zealand Hobbit Safety Film

It all started with a Sharpie

It all started with a Sharpie. Creatives at Miami Ad School San Francisco have taken the “It Starts with Sharpie” tag line into the past to explore the creative thinking behind three well known logos for Apple, Playboy and The Rolling Stones. Rob Janoff was working for Regis McKenna as an art director in 1977 when he was commissioned to design the Apple logo. John Pasche, who designed the Tongue and Lip Design logo in 1971, began his work while a student at Royal College of Art. The Playboy bunny logo was designed in 1954 by Art Paul, the magazine’s first art director, initially as an endpoint for articles in the second issue.

Apple logo with Sharpie

IKEA Halloween in Store

IKEA Singapore is paying homage to Stanley Kubrik’s cult classic, The Shining, in a Halloween web film set in the iconic IKEA showroom lanes. Danny rides his Big Wheel tricycle in a recreation of the infamous Overlook Hotel scene, with an eery conclusion. Look out for visual cues from the movie, including the twin girls, scrawled word “Redrum” (murder backwards) and the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The Halloween campaign is designed to promote IKEA’s daily late night shopping offering of 11pm. A social media video hunt, hosted on the IKEA Singapore web site and Facebook page, invites consumers to spot and win products that appear in the film.

IKEA Halloween Hallway

Philips Afterglow Lights Up Ski Slopes

Philips TV and Atomic Skis have launched “Afterglow”, a short film using massive lighting and LED suits to film skiers on the slopes at night in Alaska and British Colombia. Ski slopes were lit up using eight 4,000-watt lights, accented by smaller contrast and fill lights. Skiers wore suits each fitted with 7000 LEDs. ‘Afterglow’ celebrates the benefits of unique Philips Ambilight TV lighting technology and shows how light can completely transform an experience. Ambilight throws a glow of light matching on-screen colours onto the wall behind the TV thus virtually expanding the TV screen.

Philips Afterglow

North Face Shop Floor Disappears

North Face Korea is promoting the “Never Stop Exploring” message with a stunt filmed in a pop-up store in Seoul. Customers shopping for ski jackets suddenly found the displays ascending into the ceiling, and the floor disappearing below them, exposing a safety landing pad. Around them the walls were lined with rock-climbing holds. A North Face jacket was lowered from the ceiling with the message, “Time limit of 30 seconds. Go GET the North Face down jacket”. North Face Korea is challenging customers to discover their own strength as they face unexpected challenges.

North Face Jacket Jump