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ZOC Max Nitra Facebook Citylights

ZOC MAX Nitra, a shopping centre in Nitra, Slovakia, connected shoppers, fans and pedestrians together through Facebook and citylight advertising. Interactive citylights mirrored activity on the Facebook page, encouraging shoppers to “Share with us the joy of brand new shops”.

ZOC Max Nitra Facebook Citylights

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Zaraguza Alcowebizer

Slovak web design company Zaraguza has launched a simulated web design disaster to remind us why we shouldn’t work on New Year’s Eve. From half a glass of wine to seven, the simulator of drunken web design reminds us of the horrors of Comic Sans font, underlined headings, missing text, inappropriate heading colours and background images, editing notes and distracting music videos (turn the sound on 2.5 glasses). See what could happen to our site if left in the hands of drunken idiots.

Zaraguza Alcowebizer Inspiration Room

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Avon Hiding Women in Slovakia

Avon’s Domestic Violence awareness campaign in Slovakia was given a boost by a series of stickers placed in public showers and lockers at gymnasiums. “Hiding Women” confronts users of the gym with life size images of women who are clearly hiding from domestic violence, and directed them to the campaign site, The campaign won a Silver award at the Golden Hammer Festival for Best Use of Indoor Media. Research shows that the “Hiding Women” campaign sparked many conversations among women in the gym, and that one third of those who noticed the campaign went on to talk about domestic violence with their families.

Avon Hiding Woman in Shower

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T-Mobile Synchronized Swimming

T-Mobile’s Life is for Sharing campaign continues with “Synchronized Swimming”, a commercial developed by MUW Saatchi & Saatchi for T-Mobile Slovakia. We’ve seen flashmob dancing in Liverpool St Station, London, and mass sing a long in Trafalgar Square, London. And now we’ve got an swimming pool flashmob event in Slovakia. It’s a pity to break the Monopoly Board trend.

T-Mobile Bomba Synchronized Swimming advertisement

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Avon Breast Cancer Fight

Avon Slovakia is running a print and television advertising campaign promoting the fight against breast cancer. Two print advertisements feature models with boxing gloves, in sparring poses. A television commercial shows two women in boxing shorts gathering at the top of a high rise building.

Avon Breast Cancer Fight and Win

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