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Fiat Texting or Driving

Fiat’s road safety work in Brazil has included Texting or Driving, a print and poster advertising campaign featuring the letters R (Girl), F (Bus), N (Dog), L (Truck) and Z (Cow). “You either see the letter or the bus. Don’t text and drive”. The campaign won Gold for Poster and Bronze for Art Direction in the Design category at the London International Awards.

Fiat R Girl

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Muquifu Museum of Slum Dwellers

Muquifu (Museu dos Quilombos e Favelas Urbanos) Museum of Escaped-slave Communities and Urban Slums, is an exhibition promoting cultural preservation and appreciation of a slum complex in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Photographs portraying actual slum residents, photographed at their own homes, are being used to raise awareness of the impact of removal of villages in Belo Horizonte. The photo shoot was displayed at the headquarters of Muquifu and made part of the official program of the Spring Museum, an annual event organized by IBRAM, bringing together hundreds of museums throughout Brazil. The photos also illustrated posters with the tagline, “You are history. You are Culture. You are the Museum.” The still images were projected on the walls of Abilio Barreto Historical Museum, in Belo Horizonte, and will soon be displayed in Padua, Italy.

Muquifu Daily Dust

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Unintroducing the Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen Brazil is running a print and online advertising campaign promoting the discontinuation of the Volkswagen Bus. The last Volkswagen Bus (Kombi) in the world will be manufactured in Brazil next December. Visitors to the site, can send in their texts, photos or videos sharing their experiences in the Kombi. A print ad shows a white Volkswagen Bus leaving in an infinite background, with the title “There goes the Volkswagen Bus. Soon, in no dealership near you.”

Unintroducing the Volkswagen Bus

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Zoobiker End the Traffic

Zoobiker, an urban biking group in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has released a new print advertising campaign using the Tetris motif to promote bicycling. The group’s goal is to promote the bicycle as an alternative means of transportation and a tool for improving life’s quality. The campaign connects with the Zoobiker Facebook page.

Zoobiker End The Traffic print ad

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Doctors Without Borders Stay

Medicins San Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) recently ran a print advertising campaign featuring disasters in Pakistan, Myanmar and Israel. Three sets of pages from Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and Portugese newspaper Publico show stories relating to the Pakistan earthquake of October 11, 2005, Cyclone Nargis on May 6, 2008 in Myanmar, and the March 2008 conflict between Gaza and Israel. Two days of reporting then nothing. In contrast, “MSF Stays”.

MSF Pakistan

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