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Breakfast at McDonald’s for Easy Morning

McDonalds Austria promoted their breakfast menu with “Easy Morning”, an integrated advertising campaign featuring the challenges of the first part of the day. Even simple tasks like dressing can become difficult, as seen in the campaign’s television commercial. Billboards and print ads feature a pullover with incredibly long sleeves, an even longer necktie and ridiculously long shoelaces. The morning is hard enough. “Nicht alles am morgen ist so einfach wie frühstücken bei McDonalds” (Not everything in the morning is as easy as McDonald’s easy morning breakfast).

McDonalds Morning Breakfast Sleeves

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The Stratos Jump 1:350

Messe Austria, an exhibition company in Vienna, promoted the 2012 Model Makers Fair with The Stratos Jump 1:350, a re-enactment of Red Bull’s Felix Baumgartner’s iconic stratosphere jump, using Lego. A Lego man was sent into the air suspended by a model balloon, before plunging to the earth, supported by a parachute before landing. The campaign won two Gold awards at the 2012 ADC Europe Awards, including the prize for Young European Creative Gregor Ahman.

Stratos Jump 1:350

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Gustav Mahler Lied Collectors Edition

The Gustav Mahler Lied Collectors Edition, a DVD box documenting the 2011 Gustav Hahler Lied Festival in Vienna, has won a Gold award at the 2012 European Art Directors Club awards. The box includes 7 DVDs with visuals from contemporary visual artists, accompanying renowned lied interpreters performing Mahlers songs, and a 192 page hardcover book with background information, back stage photos and free art compositions.

Gustav Mahler Lied Collectors Edition

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Austria Solar Annual Report 2011

Austria Solar Association for the Promotion of Thermal Solar Energy (Verein zur Förderung der thermischen Solarenergie) is winning recognition for the design of the 2011 Solar Power Report. The report was sent to members of the Austrian solar organisation along with business and political contacts. The elegantly designed document, wrapped in light-proof foil, was printed in special ink that made each page blank until exposed to sunlight. The report has won Gold for Collateral/Promotional Items at the One Show, a Gold Cube at the 91st ADC Awards, Gold for Design, Gold for Direct Mail, Silver for Innovative Media, Bronze for Print: Typography at the 2012 Clio Awards.

Solar Annual Report Master

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Gustav Mahler Visualised and Remixed

LWZ, a Vienna VJ team, provided visuals for a remix of Gustav Mahler’s music at Lied Lab 2011: Gustav Mahler, in April at the Radio Kulturhaus in Vienna, Austria, at the invitation of Departure, the creative agency of the City of Vienna. Used to working with electronic music, the LWZ team needed to get inside the head of Mahler, the composer. They discovered that Mahler had been a totally devastated and desperate character. Their visual approach was unified by a quote by Sigmund Freud, “It was like digging a tunnel through a convoluted mysterious building.” They decided to make every song of the lieder cycle illustrate another corner of Gustav Mahler’s mind. With every visualisation another piece of the puzzle would be revealed, bringing the audience closer to the LWZ interpretation of Gustav Mahler’s being.

Gustav Mahler Visualisation

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