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Seeing MS in Photography

Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them. One day they can alter your memory, the next your vision. Striking without warning and leaving no trace, they are invisible. Seeing MS is a global photographic project to visualise the invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The Seeing MS project invited nine photographers to depict each symptom in a single image, inspired by stories of those touched by the disease. Symptoms are uncovered online at With the Seeing MS app, available on iTunes and Google Play), everyone with a camera can uncover the unseen. Photo filters based on each symptom will allow you to see and share how MS affects those living with this mysterious and debilitating condition. The nine best photos for each symptom as voted by the public, will be displayed in an exhibition alongside the nine famous photographers who started the Seeing MS project. In only its first week, the online gallery of photographic interpretations of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms in the powerful new Seeing MS campaign has already received more than 600 images from over 40 countries.

Seeing MS Photo Gallery

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Bonds Protecting Men from Themselves

Pacific Brands is urging Australian men to protect themselves from awkward moments and awkward stains in a new advertising campaign featuring Bonds underwear. The first television commercial in the “Protect Yourself from Yourself” campaign, “Pit Stains”, promoting the Bonds Flexits Undertee, shows a young office worker who sabotages his own presentation every time he raises his arms – much to the horror of his audience. The second ad, “Butt Crack”, for the Bonds Guyfront Trunk, shows a woman, Jess, interested in Andy, a guy walking his dog in the park. That is, until he bends over to pat his dog and his tatty old undies let him down.

Bonds Butt Crack

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Carefree challenges taboos on period reality

Johnson & Johnson has followed on from the controversial “Carefree Know Your Body” campaign of 2012 with “Be Real”, an advertising campaign tackling the taboos of periods and vaginal health head-on by demonstrating the reality and normality of periods. The campaign follows recent research that discovered women today are more comfortable talking about their sex lives than their periods. The Carefree “Be Real” commercials, shown on prime time television in Australia and New Zealand, and on the Carefree YouTube channel, features scenarios of women experiencing everything from anxiety over how to insert a tampon, to being caught out while getting a little too amorous. Women are invited to share their stories at and, and enjoy reading more stories, perhaps enjoy a laugh and also seek support on the site.

Carefree in the Bathroom

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Dumb Ways to Valentine

Metro Trains is continuing the award-winning Dumb Ways to Die campaign with short commercial designed for Valentine’s Day. Two animated characters demonstrate that giving your heart to your beloved can be risky. The campaign also includes the production of a set of plush toys from the original music video. The toys will be sold globally, and be available in sizes from tiny to ridiculously huge. Every toy will be tagged to link back to the Dumb Ways to Die website.

Metro Trains Valentines Day

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Set Yourself Free from Truancy

Western Australian film production company Perfectly Adequate has achieved viral success with their spoof television commercial, “Set Yourself Free”. Posed as the brand new commercial for the “Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia”, the short film tells the story of a group of teenagers who duck out of school for an eventful tryst on the beach. The site,, was set up by the production company to lend a level of credibility to the campaign, which has picked up over 13 million views on YouTube since January 29.

Set Yourself Free

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