Douwe Egberts Something to Share

Belgian coffee company Douwe Egberts is gaining worldwide attention with “Something to Share”, a TV commercial featuring two teenage girls, their budding romance, and their dad. The two girls have their intimate moment interrupted when Dad returns home, and embarrassed, race up the stairs. Dad calls his daughter down with a text message consisting of three coffee emojis. Sure enough, he’s prepared the table for three, with brewed coffee shared as an expression of generosity and warmth. The commercial follows on from the impact of “The Third Cup”, a similar advertising campaign launched by Douwe Egberts four years ago. However this time the video has gone viral on Twitter, amassing over 12 million views on one viewer’s post of the video on Twitter on January 15.

Douwe Egberts Something to Share

Third Cup

The Third Cup commercial tells the story of a divorced couple during ‘the exchange’, when a mother drops off the children for another week with their father. The reunion is cautious, the newfound balance is fragile. Yet, the dad decides to invite in his ex wife for a cup of coffee. When he spots his ex’s new boyfriend outside, the tension rises. But through a nice cup of coffee, the father can turn around the situation. By carrying out a tray with three cups instead of two, he symbolically shows his acceptance of this new situation.

Douwe Egberts Something to Share Credits

The Douwe Egberts Something to Share campaign was developed at BBDO Belgium, Brussels, by creative directors Arnaud Pitz, Sebastien De Valck, copywriter Louise Cornet, art director Loup Delpierre, agency producers Renée Vermeire and Marlies Neudt, social film editor Valentin Taminiau, post producers Eva Segers, Leslie Verbist, account team Lieve Raymaekers and Ward Braeckevelt, strategist Wouter Van Den Herrewegen.

Filming was shot by directing duo Dr. Bowman (director Laurens Jans and cinematographer Herman van den Bosch) via Lovo Films with producers Bert Brulez, Cho Kuo, and Hervé Closset.

Sound was produced at BBDO Productions by sound engineer Mathieu Schots and producer Nicolas Van Poeck.

Music, “Don’t Run Away” was produced at Sonhouse, Brussels.

“We all love in our own ways
we can touch and we can play.
We can talk if we choose to stay.
No need to hide, no don’t run away.”