Apple Chinese New Year Daughter

Apple is celebrating Chinese New Year with “Daughter”, a short film shot entirely on an iPhone. Daughter is an emotional story of a taxi driver’s (Xun) complicated relationship with the two most important women in her life, her young daughter and her estranged mother. The film examines the changing social norms in China and reflects on the generational differences between traditional families and modern youth. The intergenerational Apple Daughter film is a touching drama of family reconnecting for the Chinese New Year. Apple’s behind-the-scenes film reveals the different ways the iPhone 11 Pro was used to capture sweeping panoramas, intimate closeups and single take ultra wide flashbacks.

Apple Daughter short film

Click on the image below to play the Apple Daughter short film.

Apple has also released ‘Pro to Pro’, a behind-the-scenes film shwowing the ways filmmakers Melfi and Sher use features like Low Light, Slo-Mo, Portrait Mode and more to create professional content using only a mobile phone. Click on the image below to play the Pro to Pro video

Apple Daughter Credits

The Daughter campaign was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Shanghai.

Filming was shot by Brother director Theodore Melfi, cinematographer Lawrence Sher and executive producer Rich Carter, with Radical Media Shanghai producers Patty Tsai and Zoe Zhang.

Music, “Hope”, is by composer Varqa Beuhrer.

The Pro to Pro film was directed by Brother director Giovanni Messner.

Actors were Xun Zhou, Duo Duo Xu, and Ai Li Zhang.

Family in back seat of taxi in Apple Daughter short film