Unstoppable Résumé

Cancer@Work, a French association, has launched Unstoppable Résumé, an interactive site designed to help cancer patients find their place in the professional world. In 2018 Cancer@Work ran a campaign launching “Fighting Cancer” as a Linkedin skill. Now former patients can create their specially designed Linkedin profile online at unstoppableresume.com.

Unstoppable Resume - Treatment

Many recruiting companies are using ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) to digitally analyse CVs as they come in.  They are able to cross reference dates or ranges of experiences and search for specific keywords, quickly excluding those that contain a period of inactivity like a recovery period. For people affected by cancer, finding work becomes extremely complicated because of the blank space left by the disease on their CV.

By connecting on unstoppableresume.com with their Linkedin account, cancer patients can automatically generate a CV that transforms this blank space that could exclude them from the process into a strength. This period is filled with a text that contains the skills they developed during their fight against cancer. Written in white on white, this text, invisible to the naked eye, allows CVs generated via the platform to pass through the filters of recruiters’ software. The Unstoppable Résumé is therefore a great tool to help cancer patients get the interviews they deserve.

Key Figures for France

1000 new people are diagnosed with cancer in France every day.
40% of the sick are in active employment when they are diagnosed.
30% of the sick have lost or quit their job because of their illness.
70% of cancer patients can’t find work two years after being diagnosed.

Unstoppable Resume site

Unstoppable Resume site - Marion


The Unstoppable Resume campaign was developed at FamousGrey Paris by executive creative directors Romain Repellin and Régis Boulanger, copywriter Jean Estauver, art director Bertille Vermot, copywriter Alexandre Dufayet, producer Adam Araujo, business director Laurence Cormier, managing director Bénédicte Muller, planning director Guillaume Bilheude, planner Pucas Scotti, account supervisor Laurence Cormier, account manager Lucie Latrobe, working with Cancer@Work marketing team Anne-Sophie Tuszynski, Nathalie Presson and Jeanne Laversin.

Filming was shot by director of photography François-Xavier Repellin and cameraman Florian Henry.

Sound and music were produced at Lamaisondeproduction.

Post production and animation were by Olivier Caunes.

The interactive site was produced by web designer Grégoire Mirandel
and website developer Fabien Clerc.