Quit for your pets sake

Quitline NZ is encouraging New Zealanders to consider the effects of smoking on their pets with “Quit for your pets”, an integrated advertising campaign. A two minute film features the relationship between a man and his dog, with the dog’s health declining due to cancer linked with second-hand and third-hand smoke. “Your best mate will follow you anywhere, but if you’re a smoker, where are you really leading them? Emotionally charged and beautifully shot, the spot comes to a conclusion around the all-too-relatable experience many people have had when their time with a beloved animal comes to an end. And the realisation, for smokers, that there’s something tangible they can do to stave that day off for longer with the help of Quitline. The full-length film is supported by teaser videos and targeted messaging on social media. Each part of the campaign leads viewers with a smoking habit to the Quitline website, quit.org.nz/pets, to learn more and sign up to quit for their pet’s sake.

Quitline Quit For Your Pet commercial - dog and man

Smokers are well versed on the harmful effects that cigarettes have on their health and the health of the people around them. While this is well understood, quitting for good can still feel like an impossible task. Looking to give smokers new inspiration to quit the pack, the creative team behind the campaign took a new angle and showed viewers the effects a habit can have on unexpected members of their whānau (family) — their pets.

“New Zealand has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with these furry companions taking up a special place in our hearts. It’s this powerful connection and the unbreakable loyalty between a man and his dog that the campaign centres around – educating smokers on the little known fact that when they smoke around their pets, they’re twice as likely to get cancer.”

“Pets and humans are not just at risk if they breathe in tobacco smoke second-hand but also from the harm caused by third-hand smoke. Third-hand smoke is the residual chemicals and nicotine left over on surfaces – it sticks to clothes, furniture, curtains, walls, carpets, dust and other surfaces and can be harmful long after smoking has stopped. Third-hand smoke can cling to animal fur and feathers. Cats and birds, who are careful groomers can ingest third-hand smoke particles when cleaning themselves.

Quitline Quit for your pets site
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Quit For Your Pets Credits

The Quit For Your Pets campaign was developed for Health Promotion Agency (HPA) at YoungShand by creative director Anne Boothroyd and Scott Maddox, art director Jack Wadham, copywriter Erin Mattingly, designers Ryan Overeem and Elliot Oxborough, agency producer Esther Watkins, strategy director Jesse Kelly, account director Ben Hopkinson, media account director Kathleen Gunther, media planner John Waltmann.

Filming was shot by director Perry Bradley via Film Construction with director of photography Aaron Morton, art director Nicky Verdon, casting director Mike Dwyer, executive producer/photographer Belinda Bradley, producer Jozsef Fityus, executive producer Belinda Bradley

Sound was produced at Liquid Studios. Music was by Peter Van Der Fluit.

Post production was done at Toybox by editor Nathan Pickles and colourist Andrew Brown.

Animal Wrangler was Karen Sadler

Community engagement was managed at Homecare Medical by director of communications & community engagement Robyn Bern, digital strategist/social media manager Jorin Sievers, communications manager Calvin Cochran, marketing/communications coordinator Zoe Parlevliet.