Orange on Digital Responsibility

Orange is running an advertising campaign, Digital Responsibility, aimed at parents considering their children’s use of digital devices. The Orange Digital Responsibility awareness campaign is designed to ensure that digital services remain a genuine opportunity for everyone, without the downsides. Digital services give people an unprecedented ability to communicate, learn, entertain, share and connect with each other. With appropriate use, online media has the ability to empower all who have access to it. But digitalisation also comes with considerable risks, and this is increasingly becoming a source of concern both for society as a whole and for Orange’s customers. At the heart of the campaign is a film, “Being Human”, exploring a parent’s internal reflections as he prepares to give his daughter her first smartphone. His conflicted thoughts around introducing his daughter to the digital world simultaneously lead him to observe his own digital habits as an adult. The film deals with the sense of responsibility that parents feel towards their children regarding the way they interact with the digital world and the importance of using their screens safely and responsibly.

Orange Digital Responsibility - girl in team

Orange’s Digital Responsibility

Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director in charge of Brand and Communications at Orange, commented: “We have always been convinced that technology only makes sense if it benefits people, society and the planet. And we are very conscious of our particular responsibility as a major player in the digital revolution. This is why we are making this commitment to accompany our customers in their daily lives in order to ensure that they all stand to benefit from the opportunities that digital services afford.”

“Orange’s long-term strategy of placing people at the centre of technology is increasingly relevant in today’s highly connected word. To talk about digital responsibility in people’s lives, we sought out a creative concept based on emotions and human interactions. Katia Lewkowicz, with her gift for capturing those authentic moments of humanity, was therefore the perfect choice”, commented Marco Venturelli, President in charge of Creation, Publicis Conseil.

Orange Digital Responsibility - father and daughter
Orange Digital Responsibility - family
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Digital Responsibility Tools

The 2-minute commercials link viewers to Orange’s microsite, Human Inside (English or French), where parents can reflect on staying on the right side of technology.

The Orange Livebox in France has an application available to all broadband customers that provides control over the time that each device is able to connect to the home wifi network. The app also includes a “pause Internet” button that temporarily cuts the wifi connection, providing families with quality time ‘offline’.

The Orange Telephone app includes a “do not disturb” feature that customers are advised to activate when driving. This was launched across Europe, Africa and Middle-East together with a Road Safety advertising campaign.

Bezpieczny Starter kit is offered in Poland for children who are getting their first mobile, consisting of a customised offer and a parental-control app Chroń Dzieci w Sieci.

Tarifa kids, offered by Orange Spain, includes a “kids ready” app that enables parents to supervise their children’s use of the smartphone.

Orange Digital Responsibility Credits

The Orange Digital Responsibility campaign was developed at Orange International by executive director, communication and brand Béatrice Mandine, global SVP Brand and sponsoring director Jean-François Rodriguez, global brand advertising director Séverine Nübel, global project leader Laëtitia Fruchier, head of European advertising Charlotte Bowrey, head of SSA advertising Sekou Bah, creative directeur Christian Bony, music brand manager Vrej Minassian, global media manager Géraldine Grümmer.

Agency work was done at Publicis Conseil by art director Paul Garnier and copywriter Tobias fantasied, account managers Magali Bergeroux, Carla Cabalfin, Hafida Derouiche, Jeanne Lemarchand, Margaux Jorelle, Publicis Group France CEO Agathe Bousquet, Publicis COnseil creativity CEO Marco Venturelli, strategic planning team Little Libby, Carole Colin, Stéphanie Jacquin, agency producer Sarah Bouadjera.

Filming was shot by director Katia Lewkowicz via Grand Bazar with executive producer Juliette Desmarescaux, line producer Hugo Merival, director of photography Jake Scott, 1st assistant César Chabrol, stylist Sonia Philouze, deco Clément Price-Thomas.

Post production was done at Mikros Image and Prodigious by producer Franck-Hervé Marc, editor Thierry Hos, colourist Arthur Paux, sound producers Joel Tessonneau, Thomas Anduze, business affairs leaders Marine Le Vergos and Laura Salehi.