New stereotypes available at Shutterstock Offset

Shutterstock is encouraging photographers to contribute photographs that defy traditional stereotypes, particularly in the high-end stock photography site Shutterstock Offset. The company is promoting the new diversity offerings with a print advertising campaign featuring photographs that challenge expectations around parenting, domestic duty, sexuality and athleticism. As the Buenos Aires agency Mercado McCann explains, “All stereotypes start with a search. At Offset we created a new category to be more representative in the world we live in. Inclusion also starts with a search.”

Gay dads with baby in Shutterstock Offset New Stereotypes print advertisement

Curvaceous runner in Shutterstock Offset New Stereotypes print advertisement
Man washing dishes in Shutterstock Offset New Stereotypes print advertisement
Lesbian couple in Shutterstock Offset New Stereotypes print advertisement

On the Shutterstock blog in February, Jordan Dyck wrote:

“We’re committed to being a marketplace for diverse stock imagery that showcases multiculturalism and inclusion. Images that smash expected gender and societal roles. Images that defy the expected and celebrate non-conformity to “the traditional” are what we’re about here at Shutterstock, and we want to keep seeing this content uploaded by our contributors. We are at a pivotal point in society where we have the opportunity to use and create imagery that reflects a world we want to be part of. Images where diversity is key, where subcultures are celebrated, and where expected gender and societal roles are smashed.”

Shutterstock Offset New Stereotypes Available Credits

The New Stereotypes Available campaign was developed at Mercado McCann, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by chief creative officer Martin Mercado, executive creative director Dario Rial, executive creative director Diego Tuya, executive creative director Nicolas Massimino, art director Valentina Diaz Salama, copywriter Santiago Narvaja, agency producer Agustin Borgognoni, account director Agustin Castellaños, head of planning Pilar Echeverria, working with Shutterstock marketing team Siobhan Aalders, Enrique Valdez, Alejandro Ventura, and Tere Lopez.

Photography Credits

Playing with Baby – Gay Dads by Inti St Clair, Blend
Running – Curvaceous young female runner running along sidewalk by Arno Images, Image Search
Man washing dishes in kitchen by Inti St Clair, Blend
French kiss – Lesbian couple kissing by ArtMedia at Westend61