Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby

To celebrate Land Rover’s worldwide partnership of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Spark44 has created “What Makes Rugby Rugby”, a global campaign to demonstrate that no brand understands the spirit of rugby like Land Rover. The campaign celebrates rugby at a youth grass roots level and is set in countries that are competing in the tournament. It shows how rugby has a place for everyone, whatever shape, size, ability, colour or gender. The values rugby instils in these young players, are values they take with them in life.

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial

In the 60-second TV commercial, we cut between different team talks around the world as coaches prepare the young players for the game. This is filmed and edited to feel like one big, global rugby game, creating a feeling of inclusivity and unity. The ball is then passed from one player to the next around the world. Each player who catches, tackles, or runs with the ball, says to camera what rugby trait or value they possess. For instance, one says ‘I’m loud,’ and another, ‘I’m shy.’ A boy in the midst of a maul says, ‘I’m unflappable,’ while a girl entering a ruck says, ‘I’m unstoppable. A young player in another game says, ‘I move like a rocket’, while in Africa, a small adept boy says, ‘I move like a ballerina’. In Fiji, a boy held back by a tackle says, ‘I hardly move at all.’ The film builds in intensity and crescendos, with some players celebrating and others losing with dignity. Finally, we see a dedicated player still practising conversions after dark, his father waiting, lighting up the posts with his Discovery. He says to camera, “I never want to stop.” The campaign endline appears: “It’s what makes rugby, rugby” before cutting to the Rugby World Cup and Land Rover logos.

Director Ben Liam Jones at Riff Raff comments: “I like to think kids could watch this and not feel intimated by the game, but instead see the fun and inclusive quality that rugby offers. I was really interested in that challenge of making a sports based commercial that feels grounded.”‘

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial - ball
Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial - tackle
Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial - Discovery and balloons

A series of idents will also appear in breaks throughout each match of the tournament. The campaign also extends to print, social and digital.

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby press advertisement - Can Fly
Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby press advertisement - Part of the Team
Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby press advertisement - Strategy
Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby press advertisement - All shapes All Sizes

What Makes Rugby Rugby Credits

The campaign was developed at Spark44 by global chief creative officer Brian Fraser, creative directors Mike Boles and Jerry Hollens, creative Simon Butler, global business director Kate Waugh, global senior account director Gordo Whittaker, global account director Adam Bewley, senior producer Tom Colbeck, assistant agency producer Ellee Prior and planner Andy Cook, working with JLR global marketing communications manager Rob Furio.

Filming was shot by director Ben Liam Jones via Riff Raff Films with director of photography James Blann, producer Jay Lovelock, executive producer Tom Berendsen.

Editor was Amanda James at Final Cut.

Post production was done at Electric Theatre Collective, by colourist Luke Morrison.

Sound was designed by Sam Ashwell at 750mph. Music was produced by Antony Genn and Martin Slattery at Narcissus Music.

Still photography was by Matthew McQuillan.