Happy GEICOween

GEICO is running “Happy GEICOween”, an advertising campaign using the horror season to promote great insurance choices for home renters, home owners and car owners. Griswalda the witch is the new roommate for two young women who now have a whole new approach to home cooking to get used to. Casper the Friendly Ghost runs a candy-eating haunting on movie night. The GEICO Gecko takes a potential homeowner on a spooky tour of the attic in his new home. And a return to the 2014 classic horror movie stereotype commercial with a group of ill-advised teenagers. The Happy GEICOween campaign includes radio advertising and a series of cooking videos by Griswalda Witchwick.

Griswalda the GEICO Witch Happy GEICOween


A witch for a third roommate. Two roommates compromise by choosing a witch named Griswalda to fill their third room. The witch then cooks them both a “meal” which turns one roommate into a cat. GEICO has followed up the Hallowen Witch commercial with a series of three cooking shows featuring Griswalda: Ghost Hotline Ghoulash, Firemaking for Beginners, and Deep Dish Karaoke.


An unlikely haunting from Casper the Friendly Ghost interrupts this couple’s movie night. But not enough to distract them from discovering a great deal.

Old Attic

The gecko helps a new homeowner search through the attic of his home, and makes some creepy discoveries, including a tiny dancer and a bunch of ghostly mannequins.

Horror Movie Stereotypes

A group of friends make a bunch of cliché, horror movie decisions rather than easily escaping in a running car. Why escape in a running car when you could run towards the hanging chainsaws, or the cemetery? Starring Creagen Dow, Carrie Wiita, Cali Fredrichs, Aaron Jennings and David Figlioli.

Happy GEICOween Credits

The Happy GEICOween campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer Karen Costello, executive creative director Jerry Hoak, creative directors Neel Williams and Dave Gibson, associate creative director Mauricio Mazzariol, head of integrated production Tasha Dean, executive producer Heather Collier, senior producer Liza Miller, junior producer Elise Canup, senior business affairs supervisor Suzanne Wieringo, senior financial affairs manager Amy Trenz, financial account supervisor Monica Cox, group account director Matt Mattox, account director Jon Gloms, account supervisor Allie Waller, account coordinator Yoon Ko, senior project manager Stephanie Ashworth, project manager Heather Hartman, working with GEICO marketing team Joe Pusateri, Amy Furman, Tom Perlozzo, Tim Ware, Brighid Griffin, Olivia Ashby, Rese Chorpening and Catherine Hefferan.

Witch and Haunting were shot by director Wayne McClammy via Hungry Man, with executive producers Kevin Byrne and Mino Jarjoura, producer Rick Jarjoura, and director of photography Darko Suvak. Editor was Christjan Jordan at Union Editorial with executive producer Caryn Maclean and producer Dani DuHadway.

Visual effects and finishing were produced at The Mill, Los Angeles, by creative director Chris Knight, shoot supervisors Chris Knight, Matt Fuller, 2D lead artists Adam Lambert, Evan Langley, 3D lead artists Matt Fuller, Matt Bohnert, 2D artists Rob Winfield, Nithin Babu, Brett Lopinsky, Patrick Dirks, Matthew Dobrez, Gavin Marler, Jeff Langois, Jeannie Huynh (Remedy), Lenz Kol, Evan Langley, Anuj Bhandari, Kothapalli Veeraswamy, Madhana Gopala, Mahesh Ravila, P.K Sajith & Ramanjaneyulu Thota, 3D artists Tom Graham, Chris Goodrich, Hiroshi Tsubokawa, Ziming Liu, Stefan Kang, Jae Jun Yi, Elizabeth Hammer, animation team Mike di Nocco and Justin Tirado, finish artist Rob Winfield, art director Sasha Vinogradova, design team Ken Pelletier, Corey Dimond, Patrick Kipper, and Anastasia Skrebneva, VFX
executive producer Anastasia Von Rahl, producers Jacklyn Ramirez and Alex Bader, mid line producer Rhea Sil, production coordinators Sean Tomek, Camille Burkett, Noan John, and junior line producer Anuraj Raghavan.

Attic was shot by director Randy Krallman via Smuggler. Editor was Heidi Black at Whitehouse Post. Visual effects and finishing were produced at Framestore.

Horror Movie Stereotypes was shot by director Wayne McClammy via Hungry Man with director of photography Bryan Newman, executive producer Mino Jarjoura, producer Nate Young. Editor was Ian MacKenzie at Mackenzie Cutler with assistant editor Nick Divers, executive producer Sasha Hirschfield and producer Evan Meeker. Telecine was produced at The Mill by colourist Fergus McCall. Sound was produced at Rainmaker Studios by engineer Jeff McManus. VFX were produced at Running with Scissors by conform artist Chris Hagen, executive producer Scott Friske and producer DeeDee Ray.