Excitable Edgar in John Lewis Waitrose Christmas

John Lewis and Waitrose have combined to run the 2019 Christmas advertising campaign featuring a young dragon, excitable Edgar, and his friend Ava. The commercial at the heart of the campaign features an adorable young dragon who is so excited about Christmas that he cannot control the flames from his mouth. As much as he loves snowflakes, making a snowman and ice skating, his flaming tendencies are a menace to village life. Edgar even unwittingly burns the village Christmas tree, dampening everyone’s Christmas spirit. But when his best friend Ava gives him a thoughtful gift from the bakery where she works, just right for an excitable dragon, he realises how much she cares for him. The Excitable Edgar campaign is designed to promote the importance of friendship and thoughtful gestures and includes merchandise and Snapchat interactions, online at jland.partners/ExcitableEdgar.

Excitable Edgar and Ava

Click on the image below to play the Excitable Edgar commercial.

Excitable Edgar Crowd

Excitable Edgar book
Excitable Edgar PJs
Excitable Edgar Plush Toy

Excitable Edgar Credits

The Excitable Edgar commercial was developed at adam&eveDDB, London, by chief creative officer Richard Brim, managing director Paul Billingsley, creative director Matt Gay, creative Simon Lloyd, producer Sally Pritchett.

Filming was shot by director Dougal Wilson via Blink Productions with director of photography Joost van Gelder, producer Ewen Brown, production manager Ellie Britton and production designer Andy Kelly.

Visual effects and post production were produced at Untold Studios by VFX creative director Diarmid Harrison-Murray, VFX supervisors Alex Gabucci and Amir Bazazi, animation supervisors Tim van Hussen, VFX executive producer Ian Berry, executive creative director Neil Davies, producer Nell Lloyd-Malcolm, asset lead Michael Diprose, rigging artists Michael Diprose, Aaron Hopwood, Daniel Kmet, Joffrey Zeitouni, Nicolas Seck, Sauce Villas, Jakub Krompolc, composition artists Denis Krez, Doruk Saglam, Gustavo Ribeiro, Luke Massingberd, Matthew (Wispy) Clarke. Thiago Vilas Boas, Julie Cruette, CG artists Amandine Comes, Andreu Lucio, Annie Rowland, Ardahan Sernaz, Baptist Jaquemet, Cindy Libbrecht, Daniel Longe, Emre Sumer, Kenny Ip, Manon Cauzid, Marc Picco, Marcel Ruegenberg, Platon Filimonov, Ran Manolov, Simon Legrand, Yaz Raji, digital matte painting/concept artists Aurelian Ronceray, Fabio Santoro, Lino Khay, Therese Larsson.

Grade was produced at MPC by colourist Jean-Clément Soret.

Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut.

Sound was designed and mixed by Anthony Moore at Factory with producer Lucy Sprong.

Music is “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, written by Kevin Cronin, sung by Bastille, produced and arranged by Mara Carlyle and Hugh Brunt, recorded at Universal Music, supervised by Leland Music.