Coldplay Daddy at sea

Coldplay has released a music video for their new track, “Daddy”, taken from their new album Everyday Life. The video, produced at Aardman, uses live action puppetry, digitally painted sets and 2D animation to present a young girl alone in a rowboat on the sea. Calling out for her absent father, she encounters symbols of her past relationship: a row of town houses, a kite, a bird, a fish, a whale.

Coldplay Daddy girl in boat

Director Åsa Lucander talks about the creative thinking behind the music video.

“In the film, we see a girl lost at sea, alone in a small rowing boat, rowing towards the unknown. The turbulent sea is echoing glimpses of her past with her dad, and the sea and skyscape become an emotive canvas that projects her memories. I wanted to capture the nature of dreams and memories – a sense of fragmented surrealness, while keeping the relationship simple with the girl, the sea, and the characters she meets along the way. It is an emotional journey, and I guess you could read it in many ways. The sea becomes a metaphor for what stands between the girl and her father – a threat, a sense of danger of the unknown and what she has lost. This film is about a girl not only longing for her father, but also about a girl that has been forced to seek new shores.”

See more behind-the-scenes on the Aardman site.

Daddy Credits

Daddy was produced at Aardman Animation by director/production designer Åsa Lucander, producer Rob Franklin, puppeteers Brunskill & Grimes (Andy Brunskill, Jim Grimes and Katie Williams), director of photography Simon Jacobs, production manager Tamsin Clay Bee, production assistant Annie Wire, storyboard artist Henry St Leger, production designer/matte painter Marc Moynihan, set designer Helen Javes, set dressers Rachel Bennett & Sophie Marsh, carpenter Thomas Sewell, first AD Lisa Butler, gaffer Nat Sale, electrician Damien Gray, camera assist Adam Cook, effects animator Timon Dowdeswell, 2D animator Henrique Barone, comp supervisor Bram Ttwheam, compositors Andre Brandt, Chuen Tsang, Vlad Iliescu, Mark Pinheiro, Jordanne Richards, Jake Short, Chris Hawkes, Doris Rastinger, colourist Bram Ttwheam, tracklayer and sound mixer Will Davies, editor Dan Williamson, and runner Christopher Box.