Chillys Gift Responsibly

Chilly’s Bottles in the UK has launched “Gift Responsibly”, a Christmas advert are encouraging shoppers to avoid overthinking it this Christmas. Have you been worrying for months about finding your family the perfect Christmas gift? Consider John, who has gone to great lengths to run a DNA test for his father-in-law, Hugo, seducing Sarah’s grandmother and tracking down Hugo’s half-brother Claude. Don’t be like John. Gift responsibly this Christmas. The film work is complemented by a series of print, outdoor and digital advertisements, contrasting the Chilly bottle gift idea with a cake made out of breast milk, body moisturiser made out of tears, an ASXR mix tape recording of crying in the toilets, a photo album made up of pictures of a sleeping recipient, and a comprehensive set of gifts inspired by a hacked search history.

Chillys Grandma Betsy in Chillys Gift responsibly Christmas advert

Chillys Gift Responsibly Hacked Search History
Chillys Gift Responsibly Breast Milk Cake
Chillys Gift Responsibly ASXR Mix Tape
Chillys Gift Responsibly Pictures of You Sleeping
Chillys Gift Responsibly Body Moisturiser made out of my tears

Chillys Gift Responsibly Credits

The Chillys Gift Responsibly campaign was developed at Uncommon Creative Studio by creatives Nina Beyers and Tom Espezel, and producer James Turnham.

Filming was shot by director Aaron Stoller via Biscuit Filmworks with director of photography Jakob Ihre, producer Samantha Chitty, executive producer Rupert Reynolds-Maclean, production designer Sarah Jenneson.

Editor was Jonnie Scarlett at The Quarry.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by 2D lead artist Dan Adams, Finish artist Adam Maynard, AFX artist Henry Foreman, producer Angela Toner, and colourist Seamus O’Kane.

Print work was by Van Santen & Bolleurs.