Apple Underdogs at work on Pizza Box

Apple has released a 3 minute commercial, “The Underdogs”, featuring a team of four creatives who take on the challenge of pitching a design for a round pizza box. The drama hinges on a work car park accident and leads to two days of intense brainstorming, analysis and collaboration. The final scene has the wonder team in the elevator on their way to meet with Vivienne, with the tag line “Apple at work”. The light hearted short film is a call back to Apple’s patent of the round pizza box design, developed by Apple caffe maestro Francesco Longoni and senior packaging engineer Mark E. Doutt. The box is used by Apple employees to take pizzas back to their offices.

Apple Underdogs team in elevator with pizza box design

The YouTube video provides a link to Apple’s business site where Apple products are linked with workplace productivity. The Apple Pencil/iPad combination is presented as a perfect brainstorm solution. Microsoft Excel for iOS is presented as evidence of PC/Mac platforms working together. Group FaceTime, Notes and AirDrop are presented as frameworks for collaboration. Shapr3D, a 3D modelling CAD app for the iPad, is presented as a great prototyping tool. And finally users are reminded they can drag and drop text, images and files from one app to another in iOS.

Apple Underdogs Credits

The Apple Underdogs commercial was filmed by Exit Films director Mark Molloy via Smuggler.

Music is “Nature Fights Back” by Hauschka.

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