I am the future – Itau Bank

Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco is running a commercial, “I Am The Future” (Eu sou o futuro), designed to inspire proactive engagement with the future. Narrated by Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro, the Itau Bank film discusses how people’s actions in the present can influence everyone’s future. Themes such as love, fear, uncertainty, truth, happiness, peace, differences and hope convey the contemplative tone of the message. “I am the future” is the third in a trilogy of films marking the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. The 2015 film talked about human relations with the world’s digitalization. In 2016 the focus was on how to enjoy the digital world’s wonders to live more and enjoy more each moment without pursuing lost time. In this last commercial the theme relates to giving too much thought about the future and neglecting the present. It shows that future is uncertain, it is scary, but we are the ones who can create our best destiny. If we want more love and happiness, we need to love more and be happier now because our future depends on us. “Nós não estamos nas mãos do futuro. O futuro é que está em nossas mãos.” (We are not in the hands of the future. The future is in our hands.) The film was shot in Uruguay, on location in Montevideo, Punta Ballena and Cabo Polônio.

Men on a carousel in Itau Bank Unibanco I Am The Future commercial

Itau Bank I Am The Future Credits

The I Am The Future campaign was developed at Africa by chief creative officer Sergio Gordilho, creative directors Otavio Schiavon and Jeferson Rocha, copywriter Everton Behenck, art director Edson Rosa, innovation and creative research team Andreia Rocha, Eduardo Berardinelli and Asaph Luccas, agency producers Rodrigo Ferrari, Tais Olhiara and Ian Inglez, account team Ana Hasegawa, Tariana Cruz, Bruna Motta and Rebeca Coelho, media team Luiz Fernando Vieira, Francisco Custodio, Beto Lima, Caroline Tanzillo, Gabriel Tardelli, Brunna Sa, Paula Rumachella and Jade Moura, planning team Rodrigo Maroni, Marina Pires, Rafael Camilo, Felipe Nogueira, Bruno Schwarzschild, and Leonardo Juhasz, working with Itau Bank marketing team Eduardo Tracanella, Thiago Cesar Silva, Leticia Banheti and Mariana Carvalho.

Filming was shot by director Vellas (Felipe Vellasco) via Saigon with director of photography Pierre Kerchove, executive producers Marcelo Altschuler and Carol Pessini, art director Marcelo Reginato, editor Beto Araujo, finishing artist Fabio Abreu

Post production was done at Nash with post production coordinator Virgini Fares.

Sound was produced at Antfood by sound producers Lou Schmidt, Pedro Botsaris, Wilson Brown and Vinicius Nunes. Music is the Forrest Gump feather theme, by Alan Silvestri.

Voice over was by Fernanda Montenegro.