Dermodex Unphotographed Album for Late Adopters

Reckitt Benckiser nappy rash brand Dermodex has launched the Unphotographed Album (O Álbum Nunca Fotografado), in association with Brazilian National Adoption Day (May 25). Late adoption in Brazil is still rare in Brazil, often associated with various myths and prejudices. Today, 92% of children who are waiting for adoption are over 7 years old. However, of the 37,000 parents who want to adopt, only 9% welcome children of that age or older, according to data from the National Justice Council. Dermodex brand worked with BETC São Paulo to run an experiment with three Brazilian families, allowing late-adoption parents to see themselves, for the first time, with their children in what would have been special moments from their birth day to the present.

Dermodex Unphotographed Album

Three couples – Ester and Moacir, Cacalo and Zé Antônio, and Malu and Joachim – were honored with The UnPhotographed Album. Through an album of memories, these parents had the opportunity to see themselves next to their children, since each of their child’s birth day. After months of detailed research, studying the past of those families before the adoption, BETC São Paulo found out which moments and stories the parents and their children would like to have lived together. From this, in partnership with Studio Ícone, they created customized albums full of realistic illustrations, bringing unforgettable images of those families, from moments that would have happened before they met: diaper changing, birthday parties, weddings, garden games, among many other situations.

“If I could choose a moment, I would like them to be my little bridesmaids, so they would enter the church hall with me on my wedding day. They would be two little ones!”. comments Ester, who, along with Moacir, adopted Sabrina at age 7 and then Ketelyn at age 11, and had one of the illustrations materializing this desired moment.

The activation also brings the love at first sight of Cacalo and Zé Antônio with Matheus, who was born with a serious vision problem that did not stop him from reaching a new home at age 7. “This translates all my thoughts of all those years. Everything I thought I could have lived with him” says Cacalo on the film.

“All the time we did not have is here, on this album” says Malu, next to her husband Joachim. The couple adopted the three biological sisters Gabriela, Rafaela and Emily, who were 6, 4 and 3 years old, respectively, at that time.

With the message “They were already a family. They just hadn’t met yet”, the film can be seen in Dermodex’s social networks, and it also invites people to form new families inspired by those stories.

Dermodex Unphotographed Album Credits

The Unphotographed Album was developed for Reckitt Benckiser at BETC São Paulo by chief creative officer Erh Ray, executive creative director Rodolfo Barreto, creative director Daniel Schiavon, copywriters Americo Vizer, Chico Lucas, Fillipe Abreu, Pedro Rosas, art director/typographer José Pedro Bortolini, art directors Michel Morem, Gabriel Marcondes, Savio Hatherly, brand and business team Daniela Keller and Luana Gregorio, communication/PR officer Camila Nakagawa, strategist Utymo Oliveira, channels team Carlinha Gagliardi, Felippe Sobrinho and Artur Martins, production team Mariane Goebel, Ana Lucia Marques and Tiago Hasegawa, graphic production team Gilmar Mendes, Renata Germani, Juliana Arantes, Carlos Valeriano and Plínio Junior, working with Reckitt Benckiser marketing team Alan Kirszenwurcel, Fernanda Inoguti and Márcio Aguiar.

Filming was shot by director Claudio Cinelli via Trator Filmes. Sound and music were produced at Jamute.

Illustration was produced at Estúdio Ícone. Printing was done at Gráfica P+E.