Youtube Rewind 2016 – Ultimate Challenge

YouTube Rewind 2016 is YouTube’s celebration of the videos, people, music and dance moves that made 2016. Shot in London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, the YouTube Rewind 2016 video brought together over 200 creators, viral stars, and celebrities to sing, dance, and laugh their way through Rewind’s biggest celebration ever. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kicks off the 6:52 minute video, with Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Chainsmoker’s “Closer” and Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall’s “Juju On That Beat” serve as backdrops for a celebration of popular culture, including Niantic’s Pokemon Go, Pikotaro’s Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP), Dude Perfect’s Water Bottle Flip, Street Fighter eFight tournaments, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, the Mannequin Challenge, Orbeez, Game of Thrones Hold The Door scene, rainbow colored bagel, the 2016 Olympics, (fingernail) polish mountain, Scott Sterling’s volleyball face, Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home, Hydraulic Press channel, and Kanye Wests controversial “Famous” music video. Let’s Plays, King Imprint’s dance moves, The Ultimate 2016 Challenge is hosted at with visual references to YouTube creators and stars, videos and trends from 2016, a set of 22 Easter Eggs, 360 degree videos, and a quiz on pop culture in 2016. Published on December 7, 2016, the Youtube Rewind 2016 video has now had over 176 million views.

Youtube Rewind 2016

22 Youtube Rewind 2016 Easter Eggs

  1. Even His Smile Has Muscles
  2. Lily Hevesh Rewinds A Gazillion Dominoes
  3. Mind Bending Bagels
  4. Forecast: Raining Major Orbeez
  5. Scott Sterling FTW
  6. Runny Run Run
  7. No Apologies Necessary
  8. Los Polinesios Know How to Polka
  9. Whindersson Is a Whonderful Dancer
  10. Dude Perfect Carting Around
  11. ¡Tu Puedes Bailar Así Como HolaSoyGerman!
  12. PPAP In White Van(s)
  13. D-trix Does Dance Trix
  14. IRL Gamer Battle
  15. Bottle Flip Fails
  16. Bedtime Story
  17. Wassabi Shows Us His Dabs
  18. Lilly Singh Making it Rain
  19. Moves With Mer
  20. Do Pandas Dream of Electric Sheep?
  21. Fancy Pants Fancy Dance
  22. Brodie Boogies His Bootie

Youtube Rewind 2016 Credits

YouTube Rewind 2016 was produced by Portal A Interactive, with director Kai Hasson, lead editor Arturo Morales, director of photography Alex Jacobs, film directors Morgan Wise and Lex Halaby, and head of production Finley Wise.

Visual Effects were produced at Cinesaurus by On-set VFX supervisor Gabe Conroy, lead VFX artist Gabe Conroy, VFX team David Hudson, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson, VFX artist and designer Ebae Kim. Roto and rig removal was done at Ablaze VFX.

Music was mixed by The Hood Internet (Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell), with an original remix by Major Lazer.

Featured Youtube contributors are Alex Wassabi, Alfie, AIB, AmazingPhil, AndreasChoice, Bethany Mota, BFvsGF, BibisBeautyPalace, Bie The Ska, CaELiKe, Casey Neistat, Caspar, Connor Franta, Cyprien, danisnotonfire, Dude Perfect, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, EeOneGuy, elrubiusOMG, enchufetv, Gigi Gorgeous, Grace Helbig, hajimesyacho, Hannah Hart, Hayla, Hevesh5, HolaSoyGerman, iHasCupquake, Ingrid Nilsen, jacksepticeye, Jenn McAllister, Joey Graceffa, JoutJout Prazer, KianAndJC, KSI, Kurt Hugo Schneider, LaurDIY, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, LosPolinesios, Luisito Rey, Luzu, Mamrie Hart, Markiplier, Marques Brownlee, MatPat, Matt Steffanina, Meg DeAngelis, Meredith Foster, Nicky Jam, PewDiePie, PIKOTARO, Porta dos Fundos, PrankvsPrank, RADIO FISH, Rclbeauty101, Rhett & Link, Sebastián Villalobos, Seth Meyers, SQUEEZIE, sWooZie, The Dolan Twins, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Slow Mo Guys, TheWillyrex, Tre Melvin, Trevor Noah, Unbox Therapy, VanossGaming, VRZOchannel, Werevertumorro, What’s Inside?, whatdafaqshow, WhinderssonNunes, YosStoP, Yuka Kinoshita, Yuya