The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

Apple is promoting the latest Siri features with a commercial featuring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. The commercial, “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day”, has the actor, producer and professional wrestler using Siri to tick off items on his life long bucket list. In a whirlwind of activity he uses Siri’s connection with FaceTime, email, camera, weather, iTunes playlist and the the transportation network Lyft. The ego-driven character takes over the driving of a Lyft ride to the airport, commandeers the pilot’s seat of a flight scheduled to fly to Accra, Ghana and heads to Rome. He manages to contribute to the restoration of a church fresco, checks in with his new fashion line in Japan, providing the commentary for his earth, fire, water and rock fashion show, competing with French chef Ludo Lefebvre, playing a Chinese zither in concert, and taking a selfie in space. Several items from The Rock’s life goal list are achieved before dropping back into the set of his latest sci fi movie. Apple is pointing viewers to the Siri site:

The Rock x Siri commercial

The Rock’s Life Goal List

Restore a masterpiece
Conquer the fashion world
Cook like a boss
Master an instrument
Reach enlightenment
Take the world’s greatest selfie
Beat the video game version of yourself
Go quintuple platinum
and more…

The Rock x Siri poster

The Rock x Siri Credits

The Siri Rock campaign was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

Filming was shot by director Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man with director of photography Scott Henriksen.

Post production was done at The Mill.