Smart Car Anything But Cliche

Daimler is running two commercials positioning the Smart Car as anything but cliche. Set in downtown New York City and Paris, the two commercials, “Epic Car Chase” and “Art-House B&W” present film motifs associated with large cars. Creative director Michael Schachtner explains the thinking behind the Smart Car Anything But Cliche campaign: “Why do we need huge cars when we drive alone most of the time? Why do you need an off-road SUV when you live in the city? Why does a car have to be a symbol of status and prestige instead of just being practical? Why do epic car jumps need to be in slow motion?”

Smart Car Anything But Cliche in Epic Car Chase

Epic Car Chase Background

The Perlorian Brothers give some of the background to the filming of the Epic Car Chase commercial.

“The police car jump was filmed with seven cameras—three super-high-speed Phantoms running at 650 frames per second, and four regular Arri motion-picture cameras, running at 120 frames per second. We shut down central Sofia, Bulgaria, on a Sunday morning to do the stunt.”

Smart Car Anything But Cliche Credits

The Smart Car Anything But Cliche campaign was developed at BBDO Berlin, with executive creative director Michael Schachtner and executive producer Silke Rochow.

Filming was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, by The Perlorian Brothers via Sterntag Film and MJZ with director of photography Sebastian Pfaffenbichler, producers Tim Wild, Kim Höver and Hanne Wodarg.

Visual effects were produced at Glassworks by 2D Lead Duncan Malcolm, 2D artists Alex Pattinson, Leanne Pletersky, Tiago Barbosa, 3D artists Harry Jarman, Matt Fletcher, Alessandro Vastalegna, colourist Daniel De Vue and producer Duncan Buxton.

Sound and music were produced at Yessian.

The cops in the car chase include Zach Myers (with the cool shades) and Tomike Ogugua at the wheel. The actors in the faux French New Wave film are actually bonefide French actors cast in Paris, Thomas Vernant and Katia Miran. In both, the Smart driver is played by David Gironda Jr.