Rethink Breast Cancer Give-a-Care

Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada is promoting a Give-A-Care, a line of products for young women with breast cancer, in a campaign aimed at friends. Supporters are invited to build a personalized care package that acknowledges what their friend is really going through, and gives her the care she really needs. Products include conversation hearts, lipstick, tissue packs, headache balm, lube, lip balm, water bottle, lemon balm, sensitive hand cream, tea, and a “do not disturb” sign. A 60-second video explores some of the ways you can really show you #giveacare about someone with cancer. See more on the website. Rethink Breast Cancer has developed a set of recommended Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer to ensure their needs are addressed in a timely manner. Some of the challenges younger women with breast cancer may face include diagnosis during pregnancy, effects of chemotherapy on fertility, menopausal symptoms or osteoporosis, feelings of isolation, questions about sexuality, childcare, relationships, dating, employment and finances.

Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Web Site

Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Lipstick
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Tissue Pack
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Headache Balm
Rethink Breast Cancer Give A Care Lube
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Lip Balm
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Hand Sanitizer
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-CareWater Bottle
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Lemon Candies
Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Hand Cream
Give-A-Care Toque
Give-A-Care Scarf
Give-A-Care Pouch
Give-A-Care Sponge Bath
Give-A-Care Conversation Hearts

Give-A-Care Credits

The Give-A-Care campaign was developed at lg2, Toronto, by creative directors Chris Hirsch, Nellie Kim, Claude Auchu, copywriter Ariel Riske, art director Zachary Bautista, graphic designer Élise Cropsal, digital creative director Jennifer Varvaresso, user experience team Joël Auchu, Nicolas Baldovini, digital strategic planner Meg Siegel, account services team Krista Findlay, Antoine Levasseur, Taylor Johnston, Chloé Gascon, Alexandre Normand. Print and web production was produced at lg2fabrique.

Filming was shot by Scoot Design director Nathalie Cusson.

Rethink Breast Cancer worked with Aveda, H&M, Pluck Teas, Leaves of Trees, Orchard, Uberlube, The Ginger People, Nuvango Gallery & Goods, The Cashmere Shop, Organic Candies, Custom Candy,