Penny Christmas Reconciliation

German supermarket Penny has launched a Christmas campaign, “Christmas. Time to Reconcile”. At the heart of the campaign is a commercial featuring a woman who must overcome psychological obstacles to reconnect with her estranged daughter. The film features her on a metaphorical journey through snow, ice and a menacing forest to reconnect with her daughter at Christmas. The Penny Christmas Reconciliation campaign, online at, includes giant posters, digital work and newspaper ads calling for reconciliation. Participants can enter a contest to win a personal reconciliation gift.

Penny Christmas Reconciliation Mother and Daughter embrace

In addition to the film, there is a raffle on the campaign website in which users can apply for a personal reconciliation gift: the PENNY reconciliation wine. Winners will receive a bottle of Dornfelder Merlot with a combination lock and matching numerical code. This wine bottle is pre-franked and can be sent by the winner to a person with whom they want to reconcile. The other person receives the reconciliation wine by mail with the indication that the initiator wants to reconcile the action. The bottle can only be opened with the code, which only the sender knows. Both people can reconcile themselves with a common glass of wine.

The Penny Christmas Reconciliation campaign reflects Penny’s wish to act as a local supplier whilst providing support to the community. Stefan Magel, COO of the supermarket chain, says: “We don’t just want to provide the neighbourhood with fresh food, we also want to do our bit for the local community at Christmas in 2017. With our campaign, we want to encourage people to come together again. Because Christmas is the time, to reconcile.”

Christoph Everke, Managing Director Creation at Serviceplan Campaign, adds: “With this year’s Christmas campaign, Penny is showing how important it is to not just communicate but also to fully cover a topic, in detail. Penny is aiming for real closeness and is creating it in a very emotional and lasting way.”

Penny Hello Britain

Penny Christmas Reconciliation Credits

The Penny Christmas Reconciliation campaign was developed at Serviceplan by global chief creative officer Alexander Schill, creative managing partner Matthias Harbeck, executive creative director Christoph Everke, senior copywriter Henrik Pfeiffer, senior art director Marie Sophie Legat, executive producer Aisha Blackwell, account director Fabian Kleinman, account manager Frederike Enk.

Filming was shot by director Chiara Grabmayr via Stink with executive producer Moritz Merkel, producer Isabel Last, post production supervisor Steffen Röthinger, director of photography Danny Hiele.

Media was handled at OMD Germany. Digital agency was Plan.Net Solutions.

Editor was Toni Froschhammer at Froschhammer Film.

Local service was by Ole Yakovleva at Radioaktive Film, Kiev, Ukraine.

Post production was done at Katalyst Berlin Creative Services.

Sound and music were produced at NHB Studios, Berlin, with head of audio Wenke Kleine-Benne.

Music was composed by Robert Henke at Audioforce.