Michelob Ultra Our Bar in Fitness Club

Anheuser-Busch is running “Our Bar”, a Super Bowl TV commercial placing the Michelob Ultra light beer in the context of fitness communities. Set to the theme tune from the 1980s sitcom Cheers, the Michelob Ultra Our Bar commercial features real fitness enthusiasts going through a tough workout together and sharing cold beers afterwards to celebrate. “Our Bar” follows on from the fitness-focused 2016 Super Bowl commercial, “Breathe” but this time adds in the camaraderie of the fitness club.

Michelob Ultra Our Bar Super Bowl commercial

Michelob Ultra Our Bar Campaign

Azania Andrews, VP Marketing for Michelob Ultra, explains the thinking behind the commercial:

“We recognized that the social lives and beer-drinking occasions of the Michelob Ultra consumer extend beyond gathering at the bar or at home with friends. Communities forming around fitness activities represent a new type of socializing. ‘Our Bar’ emphasizes that beer is a part of this new world, grounded in celebrating accomplishments.”

Michelob Ultra Our Bar Credits

The Michelob Ultra Our Bar campaign was developed at FCB Chicago by chief creative officer Liz Taylor, global EVP, Content & Creative Development Todd Tilford, creative directors Josh Hurley and Andy Kohman, associate creative directors Anthony O’Neill and Rony Castor, senior producer Chris Wickman, director of music Stump Mahoney, manager of business affairs Kelly Lenthe, group management director Melanie Hellenga, management director Kiska Howell, account supervisor Julie Crimmins, and strategic planning director Tom Hehir.

Filming was shot by director Derek Cianfrance via Radical Media with executive producers Gregg Carlesimo and Frank Scherma, and producer Barbara Benson.

Editor was Kirk Baxter at Exile with assistant editor Zaldy Lopez, executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver, head of production Jennifer Locke, head of production Jennifer Locke, producer Remy Foxx.

Post production was done at Lord + Thomas by executive producer Rene Steinkellner, producer Clare Deady, colourist Roman Mendez, online editor Justin Orr.

Audio post production was done at Another Country by executive producer Tim Konn, sound engineer David Gerbosi and assistant Alex Paguirigan.

Music, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (Cheers Theme) was co-written by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart-Angelo, and performed by Gary Portnoy.