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PepsiCo has launched LIFEWTR, a new premium bottled water, in “Inspiration Drops”, a commercial aired during the 2017 Super Bowl NFL final. A city is transformed by a storm that turns everything the rain touches into the bright colourful art of the brand’s Series 1 label artists, MOMO, Craig & Karl, and Jason Woodside. LIFEWTR is being promoted as a brand that fuses creativity, design and hydration to provide inspiration. The brand’s label will change several times a year and serve as a platform for emerging and developing artists to be discovered and to inspire consumers on a broad scale. John Legend’s hit “Love Me Now” reflects the advertisement’s art direction and bring its imagery to life.

Lifewtr Inspiration Drops

Lifewtr Inspiration Drops Credits

The Lifewtr Inspiration Drops campaign was developed at Hustle.

Filming was shot by director Robert Stromberg via RSA Films with executive producer Tracie Norfleet, and director of photography James Laxton.

Editor was Kathryn Hempel via Cutters with assistant editor Brian Broeckelman, producer Heather Richardson and executive producer Craig Duncan.

Visual effects and design were produced at The Mill by executive producers Reece Ewing, Andrew Sommerville, Addie Pampalone, production coordinator Jomana Ayoub, shoot supervisors Kathy Siegel, Matt Longwell, VFX supervisor Greg Spencer, 2D lead artist Fergal Hendrick, 3D lead artist David Hempstead, 2D artists Leadnro Vazquez, Eleanor Risdon, George Cressey, Rafael Vormittag, Jamin Clutcher, Udesh Chetty, 3D artists Robert Holmes, Andrew Bartholomew, Tony Atherton, Alain Thay, Audun Ase, Michael Hunault, Tom Hales, Matt painting team Jiyoung Lee, Rainer Stolle, Cameron Johnson, colour executive producer Laurie Adrianopoli, colour producer Daniel Butler, colour coordinator Jamie Hoskins, colourist Matthew Osborne, assistant colourists Mikey Pehanich and Lindsey Mazur.

Sound was produced at Another Country by sound designer/mixer John Binder, audio assistant Josh Hunnicutt, and executive producer Tim Kohn.

Artists are MOMO, Craig & Karl, and Jason Woodside. MOMO is most recognized for his vivid, large-scale murals in public spaces, made with homemade and adapted tools, and seen most notably in Jamaica, Italy and the United States. Craig & Karl, based in London and New York, collaborate to create bold work which communicates simple messages in a thoughtful and humorous way. Jason Woodside creates large-scale works that infuse optimism through color and design, in New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney.

Lifewtr Bottles series 1

Love Me Now

Music is “Love Me Now” by John Legend.

When I open up my eyes
Inspiration all around
I feel so alive
And I know it in my heart
Something magical is about to start
I’m holding this feeling till it’s gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
A whole world of dreams we can explore
The moment is crying out
I want you to love me now
Love me now, feel me now
Oh just look around, oh
Love me now, feel me now
Can you feel it coming down, oh
Love me now
I see the color in each moment of life